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#1251: The Suzy Saga

Original Air Date: 12.22.2012
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The Master of Obfuscation tries to "de-unclarify" a few Christmas Carols.

Call 1

Katie Sokoloff (Portland, Oregon) - 1990 Volvo 740

Katie bought this car a year ago, and after a few months noticed that her right leg gets numb while she’s driving it -- it’s so bad, she has to stop and lift her left leg to try to get her blood moving. This doesn’t happen in any other car. Tom and Ray think the angle of her seat is cutting off circulation below her knee. Ray suggests a beaded seat cover/massager like cab drivers use, Tom suggests dumping this car and getting a Mercedes.

Call 2

Elliott Hill (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) - 1988 Ford Thunderbird

Eliott’s car feels like it pulses, and the idle jumps around while stopped -- feels sort of like a kick in the rear end, or trailer hitching. Tom and Ray say the most likely cause is a vacuum leak, or it could be the EGR valve. They suggest he experiment by disconnecting EGR and driving a little to see if problem is gone.

Call 3

Kelly Turcotte (, Minnesota) - 1997 Toyota Pickup

Kelly’s having a disagreement with her boyfriend, who lives in Santa Cruz. CA. When the temperature drops to the 50’s, he warms his truck up for several minutes before driving. Kelly thinks this is nuts. Tom and Ray agree with Kelly -- at that temp, you don’t need to let it warm up. If temp is around 0, maybe warm it up for a couple of minutes. But avoid driving at high speeds right away.

Call 4

Aaron Crespo (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) - 2002 Ford Ranger

Aaron was driving to work, hit a pole, and broke the side-view mirror. Dealership says they need to replace the entire console, not just the glass. Is there any reason that he can’t just replace the glass himself? Tom and Ray say he can try it himself. If he screws it up, just bring in the pieces, and they’ll fix it. The price they quoted him is cheap.

Call 5

Suzy Hohman (Carlsbad, California) - 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon

Suzy is calling from the road, in the midst of her trip from California to Mexico, and then across Mexico. She just got to Dallas to pick up her Dad, and noticed a new noise... it’s high pitched, and she hears it when accelerating. Should she be concerned? Tom and Ray say the noise is likely coming from the transmission, but they think she should be okay for her trip -- just add transmission fluid.

Call 6

Neil Kimmelman (Austin, Texas)

Neil loves his Volvos, but his son just started playing the double bass, and it won’t fit into either car. His wife is suggesting a minivan, but Neil is afraid of wussifciation. Tom and Ray suggest a full-size, or conversion van.

Call 7

Taz (San Francisco, California) - 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Taz is having trouble steering in 4-wheel drive, even in the snow. The car jerks, pulls and fights on turns. Tom and Ray believe this Jeep has no center differential. It’s okay in 2-wheel drive, so his best solution may just be to leave it in 2-wheel.

Call 8

Patricia (Cook City, Montana) - Subaru

Patricia’s Subaru is having starting problems. She turns the key and it starts right up. When she releases the key, it stays in the run position, but the engine dies. She’s replaced the ignition switch and the ignition, but still has the problem. Tom and Ray think it’s a bad ballast resistor, preventing the proper current from getting to the coil after starting.