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#1248: Brake Stompers and Garage Hoggers

Original Air Date: 12.01.2012
Show Open Topic

The truth about lying in Italy-- and in the Magliozzi households, too.

Call 1

Naomi Avery (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Naomi was driving with the heater at full blast. She began to smell something burning. Thirty seconds later the fan shut off and hasn’t worked since. Tom and Ray say the smell was the blower motor melting, and the only way to fix it, and have heat, is to replace the blower motor.

Call 2

Bob (Mount Kisco, New York) - 1999 Hyundai Sonata

Bob’s dog ate up the front passenger dashboard trying to get at a cat that was on the hood... right near the airbag. Now there’s a big hole in the dash, and Bob’s wife and kids are embarrassed to ride in front. Can he put duct tape over it? Tom and Ray say no, duct tape may impede airbag deployment, and the hole may make the airbag deploy too well. So, he needs to replace the dashboard -- try the junkyard.

Call 3

Diana Pierce (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - Nissan Stanza

Diana’s owned this car for five years, and suddenly in the last year it needed three brake jobs. The only thing that’s changed is her boyfriend has begun driving the car. Can he be wearing out her brakes prematurely? Tom and Ray say yes, he’s likely stomping on the brakes and the gas... she needs to hire the Paul Drake Detective Agency to see how he drives when she’s not around.

Call 4

Nan (Bolton, Massachusetts) - 1994 Acura Integra

Nan’s car has failed to start three times since she’s owned it -- after being parked overnight in her boyfriend’s garage. They’ve since married -- her husband is reluctant to move his TR-6 to make room for her in their garage. How can she convince him, and why won’t the car start after being in the garage? Tom and Ray have no answer about the starting, but tell Nan to lay down the law about her husband needing to share, now that they’re married.

Call 5

Nathan Novotny (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 1991 Nissan 240SX

Nathan came out one morning to find his clutch pedal had sunk to the floor. Also, the clutch fluid reservoir was low. So he filled the fluid, and was able to pump up the pedal. Two weeks later, he’s having to pump the pedal again, and it seems to be taking longer to get it to stay up. Tom and Ray say he may need a new clutch master or slave cylinder -- he should start by bleeding the lines, and figuring out where fluid is leaking.

Call 6

Barbara Ramundo (Bethesda, Maryland)

Barb and her family play padiddle on long drives (call out when you see a car with only one headlight). She notices that they’re seeing a lot more padiddles lately. Are bulbs burning faster, or are people more lazy, and not changing them? Tom and Ray say it’s some of both -- new headlights burn more quickly than the older ones, but they’re also brighter, so people don’t notice burn outs as quickly.

Call 7

Trittica Nielson (Boise, Idaho) - 2000 Chevrolet Venture

On occasion, Trittica hears a high-pitched whining noise while driving. It will come on suddenly, and then the car begins shifting rough -- it seems like it is stuck in lower gears. If she pulls over and shuts off the engine for a few minutes, then re-starts, it’s fine. Ray says to toy with the fuel pump and a vacuum leak, until Trittica reveals that her transmission fluid is black -- this means her tranny is cooked, and needs to be replaced.

Call 8

Ben Moses (Los Angeles, California) - 1994 Jaguar XJ6

Ben got tempted by this Jaguar, as if it was a beautiful blonde woman. Now, it’s draining his wallet with repairs. Should he cut his losses and dump it? No, Tom and Ray say to stick with it -- it’s a great car, and problems will go away.