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#1241: The Shrink-Wrapped Land Rover

Original Air Date: 10.13.2012
Show Open Topic

Ready for a highly lame joke? "Two old ladies go for a drive..."

Call 1

Tyndall Wakum (Houston, Texas) - 1998 Honda Civic

Throttle question. Tyndall’s friend’s dad just worked on his car, and adjusted the throttle cable, because the pedal had been sticky. Ever since, when Tyndall takes his foot off the gas, the engine revs really high and the car slows down. Tom and Ray think the throttle may just need a good cleaning--or the throttle plate might have worn a groove in the body and be stuck there. Replace the entire assembly.

Call 2

Eileen Hannan (San Jose, California) - 2000 Toyota Celica

A clutch problem. Eileen has a “cute little foot.” She can’t get her car to start unless she takes her shoe off and pushes the clutch in - regardless of what kind of shoes she’s wearing. Tom and Ray say the problem is likely the interlock switch on the clutch pedal not fully engaging. Try getting it adjusted.

Call 3

Mike (Anchorage, Alaska) - Land Rover

A storage problem. Mike and his sons are about to embark on a two-year sailing trip. He’s spent 10 years restoring the Land Rover, and doesn’t want to sell it, but indoor space is tough to come by, so how can he store it? Would they recommend Cosmoline? Tom and Ray suggest shrink-wrapping the car, the way boats are kept in the winter -- and discuss vacuum bags for sweaters advertised on late-night TV.

Call 4

Amanda Magee (Sacramento, California) - Infiniti I30

Car etiquette question. Dad gave this car to her. After three months of driving the Infiniti, she hates it; it’s too nice for her. She’s worried about her kid and dog destroying it. How long does she need to keep the car to appear grateful to dad? Tom and Ray think she needs to be honest with dad, and tell him that it’s just not her style.

Call 5

Leland Brown (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) - 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier

Starting problem. Leland’s car has begun making odd screechy, metallic noises when starting and on turns. He thinks it’s coming from behind the firewall. It’s also having trouble starting now. Ray thinks it’s his starter drive -- the drive is broken, or a gear has slipped so it’s hitting the firewall.

Call 6

Darryl Wallace (, Florida) - 1986 Isuzu Trooper

Darryl travels a lot, and his Isuzu actually resides in Costa Rica. When driving, about 40% of the time the car feels jerky and has no power, but if he floors it, he can keep it going. When driving uphill, the check engine light comes on, and the car runs fine -- but only on hills. His Costa Rican mechanic doesn’t have a scan tool. Ray thinks the problem is ignition -- insufficient spark. Tom thinks it’s the carburetor, and barrel #1 is not working -- but when he makes the engine work harder to climb, barrel #2 kicks in. He may need a new or junkyard carburetor.

Call 7

Judy Brown (Freeport, Maine)

Wives' tale question. Judy’s mom found an ad for a book of “New England Home Remedies,” one of which says that 95% of engine wear can be avoided by leaving a blanket and light bulb under the hood, over the engine. Is this bogus? Tom and Ray think the blanket may help in really cold weather, mostly by protecting oil, but really only in that situation.