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#1233: It's All About the Hot Butt

Original Air Date: 08.18.2012
Show Open Topic

"Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake. Stepped on the gas instead of the brake"-- and other great epitaphs.

Call 1

Charlene MacDonald (, Massachusetts) - 1988 Volvo 240

A question about power steering. Her car is leaking power-steering fluid. Can she fix it herself? Could she use duct tape or get parts at NAPA? Tom and Ray think it’s leaking from a hose connecting to the rack and pinion. Or it could be that the rack and pinion is leaking itself. That’s big money. Hope for the hose.

Call 2

David Griffith (South Bend, Indiana) - 1998 Acura Integra

An exhaust question. There’s a small hole in the exhaust that he and his dad have tried to repair. Tom and Ray say he should have someone weld a patch rather than trying to use a store bought patch.

Call 3

Lisa Spahr (, Florida) - 2005 Toyota Prius

A question all about... bird poop. Her husband says if a bird poops on her car, she has to clean it off within 24 hours or it will damage the finish. Is that true? Tom and Ray say he’s nuts! She could get the car waxed regularly which will protect the finish but please, don’t spend all your waking hours worrying about bird droppings!

Call 4

Ron (Salt Lake City, Utah) - 2001 Ford Ranger

An engine question. It sounds like there are birds under the hood. Tom and Ray suggest he get a piece of hose and listen around for the sound. It’s most likely a dried and cracked belt. It also could be a bearing going bad from a water pump, alternator, or air-conditioning compressor. But it’s most likely an aging belt.

Call 5

Yvette Orozco (, Texas) - Mazda

A question from her husband. He says she can’t drive over 60 MPH for the first 1000 miles to properly break in the engine. Is he nuts? Tom and Ray say drive however you want! It’s more important not to drive at a constant speed all the time, vary it.

Call 6

Brian Lee (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1996 Honda Civic

An electrical question. The right blinker is going twice as fast as the left one. Driving him nuts! Ray says he’s got a bulb that’s gone out.

Call 7

Anne Carlson (Bend, Oregon) - 1999 Buick Park Avenue

A buying question. He wants the comfort of the Park Avenue but wants something with all-wheel drive. Tom and Ray have a long conversation about “butt comfort.” Tom and Ray think she doesn’t need to go for AWD. A good pair of snow tires on her Park Avenue will do the trick. Or she can look at a used Buick Lucerne which will have the same comfort level as the Park Ave. Cheapest thiing to do is get four good snow tires.

Call 8

Ralph Miller (, New York) - 1994 Plymouth Voyager

A body and electrical question. When he goes around corners, the locks go up and down and the door dings. Tom and Ray think one of his doors is opening and closing while he’s cornering. Take it to a body shop and they can adjust or replace the latch.

Call 9

Samantha Sheperd (, Oregon)

A question about fuel. She was at a gas station and the attendant filled her tank. She paid and he slapped her roof and she drove away... with the gas nozzle still in her tank! The station sent her a bill for $900. Does she have to pay it? Tom and Ray say no way! If she had already paid and the gas attendant rapped on her car, she had no reason to believe that the pump was still attached.

Call 10

Mike Long (Bozeman, Montana) - 1999 BMW 540

The speedometer is off by five percent. Is it his car? Ray thinks it’s the mile makers and says he needs to get a grant and do research to see if mile markers are actually indicating a true mile.