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#1228: Karmen And The Burper

Original Air Date: 07.14.2012
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The Grand Prix comes to... New Jersey. And Tom and Ray have a few suggestions.

Call 1

Alicia (Lakeville, Minnesota) - 2006 Land Rover Range Rover

This car belongs to Alicia’s sister, and whenever Alicia rides in it, there’s a farting sound that seems to come from behind the glovebox. Alicia’s sister keeps giving her dirty looks, but Alicia swears it’s not her! The noise seems to go away when the AC is turned off. Tom and Ray say the noise is related to the AC, likely a blend door servo--not opening or closing properly.

Call 2

Paul Root (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 2006 Hyundai Elantra

It's his wife's car, she had him drive it because she claimed it was making a funny noise. Sure enough, when he drove it, after about five minutes it started making a noise like a vuvuzela or a wounded animal. When you apply the brakes, it goes away. Tom and Ray think it’s likely a stuck brake caliper--take it someplace, preferably when it’s making the noise, and it should be easy to detect.

Call 3

Natalie (Vancouver, Washington) - 1994 Toyota Tercel

Natalie loves her Tercel, but is wondering whether it’s time to let go.The engine only has only 80,000 miles but everything else has about 230k miles on it, and stuff is starting to go. Speedometer needle seized and fell off, she smells gas when she first starts it, clutch is chattering, and it has a leaky head gasket, which they put StopLeak on a year ago. Her Dad does the repairs, and he may not be able to work on a newer car. Tom and Ray say it’s time to dump this--a newer car would be much safer, with airbags and ABS, and if she gets a later 90’s/early 2000’s Corolla, her Dad may still be able to work on it.

Call 4

Karmen (Flatwoods, Kentucky) - 2009 Ford Edge

Karmen’s husband is a burper. When they get gas, he shakes the car violently, to try to get more gas in. She thinks this is nuts, and says it’s better to pull the nozzle out a bit after the pump stops, and keep putting a little more in. They have a bet as to whose system is better. Who wins? Answer: Neither! The burping is crazy, but Karmen’s method can damage the evaporative emissions system. So, the bet is a draw.

Call 5

John Phalen (Willamette, Illinois) - 2000 Audi A6

John’s turn signal stock is broken. He’s done repair work, but this requires removing the steering wheel and airbag, which he’s never attempted. What are the chances the airbag will blow? It’s not likely, but there is a risk, and Tom and Ray think John might do better to just spend a few extra bucks and get this done at a shop.

Call 6

Ben (Jackson, Mississippi)

Ben’s Dad told him that 40 years ago his antenna broke off during a long drive. A mechanic told him to use an Idaho potato to get reception, and it worked. Is this possible, or is it a myth? Yes, it is possible--potatos can conduct electricity, but Tom and Ray can’t explain how or why it works.

Call 7

Derek (, Colorado) - 1985 Jeep Wrangler

Derek has owned this Jeep for a long time and loves it. However, it was in an accident and won’t run, and it’s been sitting in his front yard. His wife is tired of looking at it, but Derek doesn’t want to let it go. Tom and Ray suggest he get some kind of Butler Building to put the car in, so his wife doesn’t have to see it. Otherwise, he should probably get rid of it, and get a newer Jeep that runs and doesn’t look horrible.

Call 8

Michelle Sanford (Alpharette, Georgia) - 2005 Toyota Camry

Michelle’s Camry started making a noise a couple months ago--seems to be coming from behind the console, sounds like a mouse sratching, or a cofffee-maker kind of gargling. She thinks it only happens when the key is turned to the start position. It’s likely a bad water pump-- the car is the right age and mileage to need one.

Call 9

Jim Foley (Olympia, Washington)

Jim is taking stock of his life, and discovered that every serious relationship he’s had is with a woman who drives a Volkswagen. Is there something about VW owners that makes them attractive to him? Actually, Tom and Ray think it’s the other way--Jim drives an Avalon, so he represents stability to the kinds of women who drive VWs. If he changes his image and starts driving a Jeep, he may attract different women.