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#1226: Who Drowned My Corolla

Original Air Date: 06.30.2012
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On a chainsaw: "Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands."-- and other entirely wacky warning labels.

Call 1

Ann Bartels (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1994 Honda Accord

Ann’s car has trouble starting--seems to be at random times, she hears a click, but no vroom. If she jiggles the key or shifts, it will usually start on the next try. Tom and Ray think it’s most likely her starter--it’s missing teeth on the flywheel, and won’t start when it happens to land on a bad spot. Her car is the right age to need a new starter. There's a slight chance it’s a bad connection at the battery or starter.

Call 2

Debra (Bellingham, Washington) - 1994 GMC Sierra 1500

Debra’s hearing a mysterious knocking sound--it happens at random times, sometimes when the AC is on, sometimes before she turns the key, and sometimes after she turns the key off. It seems to be coming from behind or below the glove compartment--there’s a little box below the glove compartment. Tom and Ray are fairly stumped--it may be something caught in a fan, like a twig. It sounds like a power antenna motor, except the car doesn’t have one!

Call 3

Matt Jones (Los Angeles, California) - 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

Matt’s got a marital and mouse problem. A mouse appeared in their previous car while his wife was driving. They’ve since gotten a new car, but she won’t let Matt park in the garage because she’s afraid of another mouse appearance. He’s gotten a cat, but what else can he do? Tom and Ray thought, "Not too much." A mouse would likely only go into the garage to find food, so make sure there’s nothing for it to eat in the garage, and keep the cat on duty. But, Matt’s wife may never get over this issue.

Call 4

Sara Laird (Estacata, Oregon) - 1984 Mazda Pickup

Sara’s transmission is making a loud, grinding sound in every gear except 4th. She recently did a head gasket repair on this truck herself, and now has the DIY bug. Can she fix the transmission herself? She can, if she has a lift. The problem is a bearing in the lay shaft. She can try rebuilding the transmission, but she may do better by going to a junkyard and just getting an entire used transmission. She just has to make sure it’s an exact match.

Call 5

Scott Yannover (, Pennsylvania) - 1997 Volvo 850

Scott’s car makes a creaking sound when he goes over a bump. Seems to be coming from the left front end. It’s likely a bad ball joint--Volvos are famous for them. Could also be a tie rod end. Either way, he needs to get it looked at ASAP, as it could be dangerous.

Call 6

Vicky Lynch (, Massachusetts) - 1999 Dodge Durango

Vicky was looking for a new vehicle for her dog training business--something to transport the dogs that could also help advertise the business. Tom and Ray suggested a RAV 4.

Call 7

Gene Baker (, Missouri) - 1971 Cadillac DeVille

Gene just bought this, with incredibly low mileage on it--it’s always been his dream car. The owner's manual says he can use unleaded, low lead, or full lead gas in it, but is this true? Should he use a lead additive? He’s probably fine using unleaded gas, especially since he’s not planning to drive it too much.

Call 8

Maria (Millbury, Massachusetts) - 1991 Toyota Corolla

Maria left her car parked at her boyfriend’s house. His ex-wife came along, bumped it, and the car rolled down into the Connecticut River and was totaled. Did the ex-wife actually ram the car, or is it the boyfriend’s fault for not leaving the parking brake on? Tom and Ray say the ex-wife probably did more than “tap” it, but it still could have been an accident, but the boyfriend is a knucklehead for not using the parking brake.