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#1224: You Sap

Original Air Date: 06.16.2012
Show Open Topic

It was a dark and stormy night: A few classic Bulwer-Lytton Award winners for bad fiction writing.

Call 1

Nick Onale (Junction City, Arkansas) - 1992 Chevrolet S-10

Nick hears a buzzing sound after he shuts off the car following a short trip. It doesn’t happen on longer trips. He thinks the noise is coming from the fuel pump. Also, the truck sometimes hesitates when he’s going uphill--like it’s not getting gas. He could have a bad fuel pump relay--he can test it by unplugging it while it’s making the noise, and if the noise stops, that’s it.

Call 2

Maggie McDonough (Saratoga, New York) - 1992 Buick Regal

Maggie’s mom handed this car down to Maggie’s son in March. It was fine at first, but now it shudders and vibrates when they accelerate going up a hill. At first, it just happened for a few seconds, but now it can shudder all the way to the top. Most likely, the engine is missing because a cylinder isn’t firing--could need a new spark plug or wires. But, it could be a bad axle, ball joints, or tie rod ends, so get safety stuff checked before driving.

Call 3

Yousef Zafar (, Ohio) - Saturn

Yousef got talked into using “high mileage” oll at Jiffy Lube. His girlfriend called him a sap, but he swears the car is performing better. Tom and Ray say he’s a sap--he doesn’t need special oil unless he’s burning oil, which he’s not.

Call 4

Gillian Hans (Brooklyn, New York) - 2005 Toyota RAV4

Gillian’s having an AC/heating problem. When she first turns it on, it works great for about 45 minutes--then air stops coming through the vents but she still hears the motor going. Tom and Ray think the blower’s not turning--the shaft may have come loose, or blower may have seized.

Call 5

Todd Cutlip (Orlando, Florida) - 1973 Ford LTD

Todd bought an LTD for his girlfriend. A severe backfire problem gave one of their neighbor’s cats a heart attack. He tried to placate then neighbor with a stray cat, which immediately mauled Todd and his girlfriend and ate four fish out of his aquarium. Tom and Ray said the timing chain jumped a notch, and they were correct. They still have the LTD, his girlfriend has forgiven him, and the neighbor got a new cat, but still doesn’t speak to him.

Call 6

Jason Williams (Newton, Massachusetts) - 2003 MINI Cooper S

Jason and his godfather replaced his front brake pads and rotors. Now he hears a squealing sound when he coasts. He got the new parts from his godfather-- they're probably aftermarket parts. Sounds like a warp in one of the rotors. He can try lubricating it, but he might as well ask his godfather to get new rotors.

Call 7

Karen (Davis, California) - 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier

Karen went on vacation for a month, and when she got back her car wouldn’t start. Her mechanic said the battery had leaked acid on wiring-- acid always bubbles up, but its worse in her car because the posts are on the side. The car was fixed. Tom and Ray say the explanation is bogus, but mechanic must have done something else to fix the starting problem.

Call 8

Jim O'Hearn (Lava Hot Springs, Idaho) - 1989 Chevrolet Blazer

One of Jim’s goats got loose in the front seat of Jim’s car and urinated. How can Jim get the smell out? Tom and Ray recommend Nature’s Miracle spray.