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#1217: Cynthia and the Swimming Goats

Original Air Date: 04.28.2012
Show Open Topic

Peugeot and GM together? Mon Dieu! Tom and Ray share a few reasons why this might just work. Sort of.

Call 1

Kate Nolte (Seattle, Washington) - 2202 Pontiac Grand Prix

Kat went over a speed bump “a little fast’, and felt the car bottom out. The next time she hit a speed bump, she heard a donkey-like, “AH eee AH" sound, which she now hears over all bumps. She also hears noise when she turns. and it also makes noise when she turns. The noise is coming from the front. She likely damaged something-- a strut mount, McPherson strut, or spring--and she needs to get it looked at.

Call 2

Cynthia Comiskey (Newcastle, California) - 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon

Cynthia uses her Vanagon car to transport their three Nigerian swimming goats--to festivals, walks, pool parties. The Vanagon needs to be replaced, but Cynthia wants something the goats can ride inside of, with plenty of windows. Tom and Ray said any van should work--Dodge Caravan, Toyota Siena, Honda Odyssey, and suggest she check them out for “glass area”.

Call 3

Dave Nemiah (Fairfield, Connecticut) - 1993 Ford Escort

When Dave drives his Escort in warmer weather, oil mixture drips down from underneath the steering column and gets onto his leg! He's trying to figure out if he should just put plywood on the floor and let it go out onto the road, or get it fixed. Tom and Ray said it's not motor oil, it's transmission oil coming from the speedometer cable. The seal where the cable goes into the tranny has a leak.

Call 4

Dan Reicher (Oakland, California) - 2000 Volvo XC70

Dan’s wife gave birth to their son in the front passenger seat of this Volvo. Now, it’s time to sell the cra, but Dan wants to keep the seat to give to his son as a memento. His wife thinks he’s crazy.Tom and Ray agree his crazy--obviously, he can’t sell the car with a seat missing, and the placement of the airbag in the seat back may make it impossible to replace the seat. They suggest he buy a cushion for the bottom part of the seat, and replace just that part, or get a seat from a junkyard, and just give that to his kid.

Call 5

Lisa Hudon (Old Forge, New York) - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Lisa’s car got hit by lightning--at least, lightning struck very near it. She’s noticed a few small items--headlights and radio acting funny--but, otherwise her car seems okay. Should she have a mechanic check the car, to see if something may fail soon? Tom and Ray think she’s probably okay--that it was just a “transient wave”, and any damage would have happened right away.

Call 6

Paul Burney (Acton, Massachusetts) - 2003 Toyota RAV4

Paul hears a clunking sound when he steps on the brake in his RAV4. He wants to know if he fix it himself. It may not be the brakes--could be a ball joint, or tie rod end. So, he should take it a mechanic to find out if it’s dangerous--he may still be able to handle the job, or he may just want to ask his mechanics if he can watch.

Call 7

Roger (, Colorado) - 2000 Ford Ranger

Paul had to change his battery, and put the new one in backwards. Now, his alternator is not charging it. Everything else starts, runs, it's just that he can't get any current to the battery. Tom and Ray say he probably burned out the alternator before the fuse blew. Take the alternator out and get it tested.

Call 8

Liz (Alexandria, Virginia) - 2002 Subaru Outback

Liz’s check engine light came on, and she learned she needed a new catalytic converter. She’s selling the car soon, so she saved some money by using an after-market replacement, The check engine light came on again 3 days later, she went back to the mechanic who said the new converter was “burning in.” Also, the car is making some weird rattling and popping sounds. Tom and Ray say that the “burning in” explanation is bogus--the problem is the aftermarket converter was junk, and the noise was caused by it not fitting properly. Liz should go back, and ask him to put in a real Subaru converter--she’ll have to pay the price difference for the part, but he shouldn’t charge her again for labor.

Call 9

Scott Zimmer (San Diego, California)

Scott's wife wants to buy a motorcycle with a side car to transport their two sons around town. She thinks it would help save money on gas. Scott thinks she’s crazy, and it’s not safe. Tom and Ray agree with Scott--iit’s not a great idea, and won’t save much gas over a compact car, which will be much safer.