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#1216: Buona Fortuna

Original Air Date: 04.21.2012
Show Open Topic

Research shows some great news for ugly guys!

Call 1

Brooke Nelson (Oak Park, Illinois) - 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

When Brooke puts her car in Reverse and steps on the brake, she hears a loud moaning/Tarzan scream noise. It goes away once she starts going forward. Not sure where the noise is coming from, but it’s very loud, and it’s been doing this for a year! Her dad’s a mechanic, checked the brakes and said they’re okay. Tom and Ray think the noise is brake-related--likely the parking brake not releasing entirely when she first stops, and the noise is the caliper rubbing. Also, possible problem with GM after-market brake parts.

Call 2

Elizabeth (Montgomery, Alabama) - 1992 Toyota 4Runner

Elizabeth has been driving around with a nail in a tire for the last few weeks. She first noticed it while driving to Savannah to get her husband, and he said not to worry about it. They made the drive back, and the tire seems to be holding air. If she removes the nail, will she need a new tire? Tom and Ray say, "No--right now the nail is keeping air from escaping--if the nail is removed, tire guys will put in a rubber plug to replace it." Patched tire should be fine.

Call 3

John Barrs (Jackson, Wyoming) - 1990 Honda Civic

John is heating a knocking/clunking sound when he accelerates through turns, left or right, coming from both sides. Tom and Ray say he needs two axles replaced.

Call 4

Kristie Krabe (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1999 Kia Sportage

Kristie’s engine is making a horrible rattling/banging noise. She starts the car so Tom and Ray can hear it, and notices that oil is pouring out from the engine. The noise started when she was driving, and she continued to drive about five miles with the car making the noise. Her engine is cooked--likely lost a connecting rod end, which then flew through the oil pan or engine block. She made it worse by continuing to drive after the noise started. Time for a new car!

Call 5

Drew (and Sarah) (Cranberry, New Jersey) - 2002 Chevrolet Prizm

A body/cosmetic/marital problem. It’s his girlfriend’s car. One day he was washing the car with a sponge mop, and scratched the entire hood about two and one-half feet long. She’s ticked off. She gets on the line and says he needs to fix it. He’s unemployed, hoping he can fix it himself He can’t--needs to have it filled in, sanded, painted. It’s serious enough that it needs to be fixed professionally. Maybe have Sarah pay for it, and he’ll pay her back?

Call 6

Jessica LaVern (, California) - 1989 Toyota Camry

Jessica’s car got infested with bugs and maggots. She’s tried all sorts of fumigating, but they keep re-appearing. Can she get rid of them? Tom and Ray say "No"--larvae got in the car, so unless she uses something like DDT, which could kill her, she’ll never get rid of them entirely. Dump the car.

Call 7

Mark Winters (Geneva, Illinois) - 1985 Volvo 240

Mark’s rear muffler fell off last Fall. When he took it to the mechanics, they told him he could drive it with no problems if it didn’t have emissions issues. Can he do that, how much will it affect the mpg and environment? Tom and Ray say he should get it fixed, because of the risk of fumes coming in, especially on a car of this age.

Call 8

Heather Baldwin (, Virginia) - 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider

Heather is moving to Italy for a two-year military stint on a small island. Should she bring her Alfa Romeo and have it restored there or is her car different than the ones in Italy? Tom and Ray disagree--Ray says bring the Alfa, it’ll be an adventure. Tom says leave the Alfa here, it’ll get destroyed over there. But both offer to go along as her interpreters.