Show Rundown

#1210: The Mothership Has Landed

Original Air Date: 03.10.2012
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share mail from listeners regarding the now-fabled, "Incident at Waccabuc."

Call 1

Genevieve Van Devander (Morgantown, West Virginia) - 2002 Kia Spectra

A fuel question. It reads low on gas, and occasionally won’t start. Turn the key, and it makes a weak “ grrruuh” noise. She thinks it’s fuel pump. Her 14 year old know it all son thinks it’s the gas gauge. Who’s right? Regarding the starting problem, neither. It’s probably the battery, starter motor, or a loose wire. But, she may also need a new gauge, even though that’s not the cause of the starting problem.

Call 2

Levi Stevenson (Kalamazoo, Michigan) - 1996 Dodge Neon

Above 35 mph, front tire starts “bopping up and down." Also shimmies on turns. Needs an alignment. Could well have a ball joint ready to break. Or a tie-rod end ready to fail. Get it looked at and fixed immediately. When he takes it for an alignment, they’ll see the problem immediately.

Call 3

Caroline Berg (, Georgia) - 1995 Saturn SL

An electrical/alarm question. She got out of the grocery store and car alarm went off. Never had one. Mother-in-law owned it, no one installed it-- she thinks that they should file a police report because an after market siren was put on the ignition. Her mother-in-law thinks someone broke in and installed a siren.

Call 4

Liz Willenbring (Whitefish, Montana) - 1990 GMC S-15 Jimmy

An engine question. She tried to start the car in -20 temp. It started and then shut off. She tried to start it again and she heard a pop and a snap and then yellow smoke started coming out of engine. Then she noticed the crank case hose blew off. It could be that her engine block is destroyed.

Call 5

Dan Gerstonlaut (Seekonk, Massachusetts) - 1996 Toyota Corolla

When it’s cold, Dan’s engine makes a whirring and ticking noise at the top end until it warms up, at which point it becomes a single tick and eventually disappears. Mechanical problem, or is there something he can add to the gas? Sounds like a crack in the exhaust manifold. When it warms up, the crack closes and the noise starts to go away.

Call 6

Bob Seeley (, Illinois) - 2004 Audi A6

A driving question. His wife thinks he shouldn’t use the turn signal when you’re in a designated turn lane. Clicking drives her crazy. Who’s right?

Call 7

Jennifer Mumert (, Pennsylvania) - 2002 Volvo V70

A vacuum problem? Her car makes a whistling noise when she takes her foot off the brake.

Call 8

Dave Halber (, New York) - 1999 Honda CR-V

A suspension and/or wheels question. His car squeals when he makes a tight turn.

Call 9

Libby Stellas (Seattle, Washington)

A road-trip question. Libby’s looking for a car to sleep in—she’s only 5 feet tall. What’s the smallest car that she could sleep in occasionally? Honda CR-V, Toyota Matrix, Ford Focus wagon, Subaru Forester, little pickup truck would work, too.