Show Rundown

#1209: Who Moved My Alamo

Original Air Date: 03.03.2012
Show Open Topic

An invitation to the wedding.

Call 1

Kelly Clasp (San Antonio, Texas) - 1998 Plymouth Breeze

Kelly’s fiance recently bought in a plug-in seat massager to use on long trips. Kelly thinks it’s killing their gas mileage--mileage has dropped from 28 MPG down to 22. Tom and Ray think it’s unlikely the massager would draw enough power to cause that big a drop--more likely it’s her fiance’s driving style. Try to get him to slow down!

Call 2

Marshall Bank (, North Carolina) - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When Marshall comes to a complete stop, three seconds later he hears a clunk coming from the rear--”like getting hit by a Nerfmobile." It’s more of a noise than a feeling, though his wife thinks the car moves a bit. Ray thinks it may be the transmission doing its final shift, which would be bad news. Marshall should get someone to put the car on the lift, and try to replicate the noise.

Call 3

Kelly Cushing (Boise, Idaho) - 2000 Subaru Legacy

Kelly’s ABS light came on, and one of her wheel speed sensors it out. She wants to know if this was caused by her driving into a curb, or by the guys who replaced her tires two months later. The ABS light didn’t come on until after the tire work. Tom and Ray absolve the tire guys--nothing they would do that would cause the sensor to go out, more likely cause was Kelly driving into the curb.

Call 4

Eddie Falona (, New Hampshire) - 1985 Ford F150

It's time for Stump the Chumps! Eddie’s truck was having starting problems. Tom and Ray thought it was either the neutral safety switch or a bad starter solenoid. Eddie got the solenoid replaced, and the truck now starts great-- a right answer by Tom and Ray.

Call 5

Zelda Hawkins (Denver, Colorado) - 2003 Honda CR-V

Zelda and her husband have a disagreement over her parking brake use. Her husband says not to put the parking brake on after driving through ice and snow because it will freeze and ruin brakes. Is this true? Tom and Ray say yes, he’s right in theory—but the chances of it actually happening are very small. What’s the payment? Tom, Ray and Zelda agree on dinner and a gemstone.

Call 6

David Lechner (Portland, Oregon) - 2004 Volvo V70

David’s been having a power steering problem for the last several months. When he turns left or right, he hears a noise. His mechanic has replaced the power steering pump twice, but the noise is still there. Ray says the problem isn’t the pump-- more likely a seized tie rod end. It’s easy for noises in the power steering system to telegraph through the fluid.

Call 7

Debbie Ginocchio (, California) - 2000 Ford Mustang

Debbie’s hearing a loud whistling sound when she’s moving, and steps on or releases the clutch. It doesn’t happen when the car isn’t moving. Tom and Ray think her clutch release bearing is wearing out--suggest she take it in, and see how much life is left, may be time to put in a new clutch. And, since this is a Mustang, they suggest she go for a Heavy Duty clutch.

Call 8

Warren Jacobson (, California) - 1993 Toyota Camry

Warren has an ethical and philosophical question. He borrows his friend’s Camry for two out of every four weeks, in exchange for a tank of gas and a bottle of wine. Last time Warren was driving, on a dark and stormy night, the tachometer began dropping, and then the car died at an intersection and wouldn’t re-start. This was two day ago, the car is still in the shop, and has yet to be diagnosed. Should Warren tell his friend, and should he offer to pay for the repair? Tom and Ray think Warren’s not responsible, due to the age of the car. It’s possible that there’s nothing serious wrong--the cap and wires may have just gotten wet. The car might start right up and be fine.