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#1207: Washer Fluid Dynamics

Original Air Date: 02.18.2012
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share more jokes about marriage.

Call 1

Kate (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - Honda Civic

Kate noticed a strand of gray hair sticking out of her tailpipe--she pulled on it, and about five feet of hair came out. Is there an Unidentified Furry Object living in her tailpipe? Tom and Ray say the hair is insulation from inside the muffler, a sign that the muffler will soon need to be replaced.

Call 2

Oliver (Mill Valley, California) - 1994 Toyota Pickup

Oliver and a friend replaced the head gasket on his truck last July. Only problem is they had a huge bolt left over. The truck’s running great sans bolt. How worried should he be? Ray thinks it’s the banjo bolt from the new EGR tube and tells Oliver not to worry – he can check the EGR tube to be sure, then go ahead and bronze the leftover bolt and keep it as good luck.

Call 3

London Shutzer (, Colorado) - 1991 Toyota 4Runner

London’s car has an oil leak--she’s had to add oil ever since she got it, several months ago. The most she had to add was three quarts. Now, the car is making a loud clacking sound, and a friend says her engine is cooked. Should she just dump the car? The noise is likely a collapsed lifter, and she does need to put a new/rebuilt engine in if she wants to keep driving it...worth doing if the rest of it is in good shape.

Call 4

Andrew Searle (, Massachusetts) - 1995 Subaru Legacy

Andy’s rear windshield washer shoots from the bottom, and only hits the bottom half of the glass--so the top is really dirty. Is there any way he can change the trajectory? The spray angle may be adjustable--he can try sticking a pin in the nozzle. If it’s not adjustable, he can try pinching the hose to increase the pressure, so the water will shoot higher on the glass.

Call 5

Joyce Ardo (Elicott CIty, Maryland) - 2001 Audi A4

Joyce’s husband is a mellow guy--he teaches meditation. But when he gets behind the wheel, he turns into a “combination of Mario Andretti and Tony Soprano”--drives aggressively, tailgates, flashes lights. What’s going on? Tom and Ray think Joyce’s husband has too much stress somewhere in his life, and this is how he’s venting--they suggest Scream Therapy. Tom asks for help understanding aggressive driving in general.

Call 6

Achala Chatterje (Riverside, California) - 1995 Toyota Avalon

Achala’s driveway is very steep, and has a large bump--her husband has come up with a way to avoid it, but Achala keeps scraping the bottom of her car. What’s scraping? It’s likely the muffler, and there’s not a lot she can do--Tom suggests beating in the muffler so it won’t hit, Ray suggests working on the driveway.

Call 7

Matthew (Savannah, Georgia) - 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Matthew is 14-years-old and cleans his parent’s car. Despite his best efforts, there are water drops left on windows and mirrors, and he can’t get rid of them. He needs a squeegee--he can also try adding a little dish soap to the water. Tom also suggests that if Matthew does a lousy job, his parents won’t make him do this any more.