Show Rundown

#1203: Snakes in the Fusion

Original Air Date: 01.21.2012
Show Open Topic

The Dodge Dart Returns!

Call 1

Deb Tennen (Palo Alto, California) - 1998 Toyota Camry

Deb is hearing a “jingling” sound from the passenger's side front wheel. It sounds like she threw her house keys in there, and it’s been doing it for about a year, and it seems to be getting louder. She’s worried a wheel might be getting ready to fall off. It's probably a broken stabilizer link, which wouldn’t be too big a deal. But, it could also be a ball joint, so she should have it checked out.

Call 2

Larry Johnson (, South Carolina) - 2005 Ford Focus

Larry’s got an accelerator/pre-marital problem. As it's starting to get colder, his throttle is sticking. He knows this is because of carbon build up, but he wants to know the most efficient and cheap way to clean it--he’s getting engaged and wants to save money to re-size the used ring he’s giving his fiancee. Tom and Ray say he needs to bite the bullet and get the throttle body cleaned--and he should buy his fiancee a new ring!

Call 3

Jane Crutchfield (Charlotte, North Carolina) - 2004 Honda CR-V

Jane’s front passenger window has trouble closing all the way--goes most of the way up, then stops, and will finally close a couple of hours later. She’s getting cold! Window regulator is binding up--could be a broken rivet, or just gummed up. It may be fixed by lubricating. Somebody needs to take door panel off and investigate.

Call 4

Josh (Boise, Idaho) - 2010 Ford Fusion

Josh was transporting his son’s Christmas present--a boa constrictor--it escaped, and disappeared into the car. This is his wife’s car, so Josh dismantled the entire interior. He found the snake in a vent, and put everything back together, but he has some bolts and fasteners left over, and has no idea where they go. He’s concerned about the car’s safety. It’s most likely the parts came from the dashboard--if they were from the seats, they’d be moving around. The dashboard will likely start rattling soon.

Call 5

Ambre (Nashville, Tennessee) - 1999 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Ambre’s car suddenly began making a high-pitched noise that she can only describe as microphone feedback. It lasts a few seconds, and comes and goes. She and her mom disagree on whether it’s coming from the driver or passenger side, but agree that it’s coming from behind the dashboard. Ray thinks it’s a bad bearing in the blower motor.

Call 6

Jeff "Crash" Cook (, Minnesota)

Crash’s 1979 MG Midget runs like a top but the turn signals have gone crazy in the last couple weeks. They go from normal speed -- "tick too tick too tick too" -- to a dramatically slower speed- "tick...too....tiiiiiiick.........toooooo". Happens on the left and right blinker. What should he do? Look under the dash and listen. He just needs a new directional flasher.

Call 7

Sarah Hammer (, Virginia) - 2004 Volkswagen Passat

This is Sarah’s boyfriend’s car--whenever either of them turns the heater on, they get a smell of gas fumes. It usually happens after car has been running for about 20 minutes, and she can also smell it outside the car. Tom and Ray are confident this is an exhaust leak, and they’re smelling unconverted gas. They need to fix it, because breathing this stuff is costing them brain cells.

Call 8

Michael Hammontree (Dallas, Texas) - 2007 Nissan Sentra

Between 40-55 mph, his passenger's side seat shakes violently. After 55 mph, it goes away. His solution has been to not drive between these speeds. He had a wheel bearing hub replaced, but it didn’t affect the noise. Tom and Ray think it’s a bad axle, and guys who did the beating should have caught it. Michael should go back and ask them to buy and install a rebuilt axle.

Call 9

Molly Johnson (Neenah, Wisconsin) - 2007 Honda Element

Molly’s having a difficult time teaching her 15-year-old daughter to drive. The third time out her daughter mistook the gas for the brakes and drove the Element through the garage door and into Molly’s Scion Now her daughter gets terrified every time they approach the driveway. Tom and Ray think Molly may be contributing to the problem with stress--her daughter needs to build confidence, and will be more able to do that with somebody else in the car.