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#1201: 20 Miles Per Wood Chip

Original Air Date: 01.07.2012
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share some classic observations on aging.

Call 1

Megan (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1992 Toyota Corolla

Megan’s shade-tree mechanic said her CV joints were dirty, and needed a new boot and grease. She had him do the job, but now she hears a clicking sound when she makes a really sharp turn. Should she not trust this mechanic? Tom and Ray think the mechanc’s okay--he was just too late. Her CV joint was already torn, and needs to be replaced.

Call 2

Aaron Scmukler (Oakland, California) - 1989 Ford Probe

Aaron’s windshield wipers are getting stuck, pointing straight up to the sky when he turns them off. They seem to work okay when he turns them on. Tom and Ray say he needs a new wiper motor.

Call 3

Victoria Bender (Raleigh, North Carolina) - 1999 Chevrolet Camaro

Victoria’s Mom just had hip surgery, and needs to trade in her Corvette for something that’ll be easier for her to get in and out of, and sit in. Tom and Ray suggest a Subaru Forester, Toyota Matix, or Ford Focus. Victoria should take Mom to several dealers and let her try different cars.

Call 4

Isaac (Albuquerque, New Mexico) - 1989 Mazda 323

Isaac changed his starter motor himself. He had a few parts left over. Now, the car sputters when it shifts gears. How badly did he screw up? Tom and Ray think he didn’t mess up the starter--more likely, he just dislodged a vacuum hose. It should be easy to figure out by opening the hood while the engine is running.

Call 5

Mary Ellen Betson (Glen Rock, New Jersey) - 2004 Honda Accord

Mary has a bet with a co-worker. She parks every day in “The Gulch”--a steep incline. Her co-worker says this is wearing out her brakes faster than parking on flat surface. Mary’s co-worker is all wrong--it won’t affect the brakes. The bet was for a box of doughnuts, and Mary wins!

Call 6

Hans Genrich (, Illinois)

Hans escaped from Germany during World War II in a vehicle that ran on woodchips. He says it had a large furnace in the back, but he can’t remember how it ran. Tom and Ray fumble around, but can’t really figure out how it would have worked--suggest Hans check the web site.

Call 7

Briony Cody (, Colorado) - 1987 Subaru Outback

Briony’s car makes a howling sound--sort of like a dog. It only happens when it’s cold, and she’s driving around 55 mph. Ray considers the roof rack as an option, but ultimately the Tom and Ray settle on a bad speedometer cable as the likely cause.

Call 8

David Cobler (Ypsilanti, Michigan) - 2003 Honda Civic

David’s Mom left a three-pound bag of Hershey Kisses in the car overnight in the garage. The next day, the kisses were gone, and the car started smelling intensely of chocolate. What happened? Mice got in, and had a party! They probably carried the chocolate around the car, into duct work--now chocolate has likely melted, and it will be very expensive to get it all cleaned out.