Show Rundown

#1152: Chinese Food Delivery

Original Air Date: 12.24.2011
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The gift that keeps on giving--as in, giving Tom and Ray an escape hatch.

Call 1

Nancy Williams (Knoxville, Tennessee) - 1994 Volvo 940

Nancy’s Volvo makes a noise--"like closing the lid on a large Tupperware” container-- kind of a plastic seal. It usually happens when she accelerates over 35 mph, around 2,000 RPM. Seems to be coming from passenger side, front. Tom and Ray are a bit stumped, but lean towards it being a bad wheel bearing--it could be dangerous, so she should get it looked at.

Call 2

Tom Myers (, Montana) - 1994 Ford F150

In cold weather, Tom’s brakes engage themselves when he first starts the car. The pedal sinks to the floor--he can pull the pedal up with his foot, and then drive. He disconnected the vacuum hose, and problem seemed to go away. Tom and Ray’s diagnosis is, a broken spring in the power brake booster--he needs to replace the booster.

Call 3

Julie McNeill (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts) - Volkswagen Passat

Julie’s stick-shift VW Passat got totaled because her husband forgot to put the parking brake on when he got home one night, and left it in neutral. The car rolled down the driveway, across the Jamaicaway. So they need a new car--what can they get to keep this from happening again? They need an automatic. He may still forget to put the brake on, but he can’t remove the key unless it’s in Park, which should keep the car from rolling. She should also get him to put the car key on the same ring as house key, so he has to remove it.

Call 4

Nuccio Felito (Grand Junction, Colorado) - 2005 Acura TL

Nuccio left his car parked in an open lot, and then a series of dashboard lights came on--"Check Engine" light, ABS, etc. His mechanic suggested that a squirrel chewed through the wiring harness. Is there anything Nuccio can do to ward off squirrels? Tom and Ray suggest fox urine or Bitter Apple…and to call a vet!

Call 5

Lisa Schiller (, Ohio) - 1994 Nissan Quest

Lisa smells gas fumes inside her car. It usually happens when the engine is cold, and the smell comes thorugh vents when the heat or AC is on. Mechanic said gas cap is too loose. Tom and Ray say that the gas cap explanation is bogus-- the problem is a leaky injector. Her mechanic can’t diagnose it because he can’t replicate the problem. Lisa needs to leave the car with him overnight.

Call 6

Mark Dunau (, New York) - 1982 Chevrolet Suburban

Mark is an organic farmer, and he uses his Suburban to transport veggies to New York. The engine seems fine, but the body is rotting, so his mechanic suggested he transplant his drive-train into a body that’s in better shape. Is this doable? Tom and Ray say it could work--but any body he finds in New York will likely be as rusted as his--so he should look for one in Florida. Take a trip South, or ask local junkyard to put it on their wire.

Call 7

Jan Allburn (Gloucester, Ohio) - 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

Jan’s the “waver”--the wife of Dave from last week, calling to give her side of the story. She says she’s been driving and waving safely forever, and Dave is a worse driver than she is. Tom and Ray agree that she’s probably okay, and Dave needs to relax.