Show Rundown

#1151: A New Pigmobile

Original Air Date: 12.17.2011
Show Open Topic

An explosive tale from Ray's high school days.

Call 1

Tyrone Hook (Long Island, New York) - 1984 Mercedes-Benz 190

Tyrone took his battery out to help start another car. When he put it back in his car, he hooked up the terminals backwards and heard a loud pop. He corrected it, but now the car turns over slowly and takes a couple of minutes to start. Tom and Ray think he might have fried a ground wire, suggest he try using a jumper cable to create his own ground. If car starts, it’s a fried wire--if not, he may need a new battery.

Call 2

Susan Finson (Inland Empire, California) - 1987 Honda Civic

Susan leads a double life--she’s Chair of a Philosophy Department and animal rescuer--she usually just throws pigs in the back of her car, but none of her colleagues will ride with her because of the smell. So she needs a different vehicle. Tom and Ray suggest she get a pickup truck--she needs something that can handle the animals in a separate compartment, and be cleaned easily. A trailer is also possible, but may not look as good.

Call 3

Travis Cross (, Virginia) - Saturn

Travis’ car makes a high pitched squealing noise when he first starts it. The noise tends to go away once he gets up to around 10 mph. He had mechanic change the belt, but noise didn’t go away. Tom and Ray think the problem is a bad belt tensioner.

Call 4

Chelsea Sammel (Oakland, California) - 1949 Chevrolet Pickup

Chelsea’s truck was running rough, so she changed the carburetor--ran better for a week, but then the problem came back. Tom and Ray thought she got a bad re-built carburetor, and should try another one. Chelsea got a replacement carburetor, and now the truck runs great. Right answer!

Call 5

Samantha Davis (, Alaska)

Samantha and her husband disagree over which side of the car it’s better to hang dry cleaning. She thinks it’s better to hang it over rear passenger side, husband thinks driver’s side. Tom and Ray side with the husband--you’re more likely to want to be able to turn and see out the rear passenger side window, and don’t want it blocked. It would be even better to just lay the clothes on the seat, or put in the trunk.

Call 6

Jim Shrack (South Bend, Indiana) - 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

Jim got some engine work done and right after he picked the car up, he wanted to check the oil, but it was impossible to remove the dipstick. He still can’t the dipstick out. What happened, and how can he address it? It’s most likely the dipstick tube got crimped, and he can replace it--the tube and stick come as one unit, can get it from a dealer.

Call 7

Dolora Deal (Sun Valley, Idaho) - 1994 Ford Explorer

Dolora has two questions: 1. The cruise control no longer works, and her mechanic says the servo is the problem and they don’t make them anymore. What can she do? Tom and Ray tell her, junkyard! 2. Acceleration problems, mechanic suggested carbon flush. Tom and Ray think he’s talking about fuel injector cleaning, and say it’s worth a shot. She may also have an exhaust leak.

Call 8

Dave Allburn (Gloucester, Ohio) - 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

A marital conundrum. Dave and Jan live in the mountains, with hairpin turns and dangerous roads. She waves to other drivers and they wave back. He thinks it’s dangerous, but she insists she’s driving safely. She thinks he’s just being picky, and hasn’t had any real close calls. Tom and Ray think that she’s not going to stop waving, and if she’s not putting them in imminent danger Dave should try to relax.