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#1149: Snotsicles, Oodjas, and Stupiphanies

Original Air Date: 12.03.2011
Show Open Topic

Stupiphany, Oodja and Snotcicle: Tom and Ray share a few proposed new entries for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Call 1

Jim Terrell (Boca Raton, Florida) - Ford E150

Jim is using a modified truck engine in his boat. It was making a ticking noise, and his mechanic said he has piston slap in one cylinder. Jim doesn’t know what piston slap is--can the engine go for years like this? No, it can’t--Tom and Ray explain piston slap, and say if it’s already making noise, engine is probably about to go. Jim needs a rebuilt engine.

Call 2

Liz Redot (Columbia, Missouri) - Porsche 928

Liz’s husband is about to finish his medical residency, and wants to buy a Porsche. She’s worried about upkeep costs--will it be ridiculously expensive to keep running? Yes, it will be expensive, but husband should be able to afford it. He's a doctor, after all!

Call 3

Manish (Davis, California) - 1987 Mazda 626

Manish changes his oil regularly. Last time, he took out the filter, and no oil came out--the filter looked brand new. Tom and Ray say this is very unusual, but may not be a big deal. Could be oil pressure relief valve is malfunctioning, and letting oil get to the engine, but not the filter. Manish may need to try cranking the engine after he removes the filter. Can also take it to a shop, where they can drop the pan.

Call 4

Rich Klingman (Mt Upton, New York)

Rich wants to take up Demolition Derby driving, and has three $100 car choices: a 72 Chrysler Newport, a ‘79 Cadillac, and a ‘68 Bonneville. Which car? Tom and Ray say to go for the Newport--it’s the heaviest and widest, so probably the safest. Send pictures!

Call 5

Jean Williams (Radium Springs, New Mexico) - 1983 Porsche 944

Jean parked the car in her driveway, and left it in reverse, w/ parking brake on. A few hours later, the car had moved backwards about 30 feet (uphill), and almost off a cliff. Why would the car want to commit suicide? Tom and Ray think the starter motor somehow engaged itself, and overrode parking brake enough to move car a bit at a time, until the battery died, which saved the car. It could be that the wires crossed wires, or she has a faulty solenoid. They suggested she replace the starter.

Call 6

Ed Stack (Boston, Massachusetts) - 1986 Honda Civic

Ed and his friends went mountain biking--when he parked the car, with friends and bikes inside, he heard a horrible noise, like the exhaust hitting the ground. He only hears the noise when the car is loaded like this. Got new clutch, mechanic said he found missing rod in transmission, but the noise came back. Tom and Ray think Ed’s got a broken motor mount, the torque caused by the extra weight is causing it to come into contact with heat shield.

Call 7

Deborah Green (Grosse Ile, Michigan)

A fuel and marital question. Deborah’s husband insists on only putting a few gallons of gas in at a time--he says the extra weight from filling the tank hurts gas mileage. Is he right? Technically, yes--each gallon does add a few pounds, but in a 3,000 pound car it probably doesn’t make a measurable difference. But, there are crazier and more dangerous things he could be doing, so Deborah may want to let him go with this.

Call 8

Will Schwartz (Baltimore, Maryland)

Will just picked up a dashboard hula dancer. Only problem is, the place he’d like to put it is kind of over the airbag, and he’s worried that the dancer will become a projectile if airbag gets deployed. Is this a valid concern? Where else can he put it? Yes, it is a valid concern--one Ray had with his dashboard items (Mr. Clammy). Ray suggests using a silicone adhesive to keep the dancer planted in one spot.