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#1148: I've Turned Into My Mother

Original Air Date: 11.26.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share one very good reason to nudge your coworkers occasionally.

Call 1

Jeff Campbell (Butler, Pennsylvania) - 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit

Jeff thinks his clutch is slipping. In warm weather, or after car is warmed up, when he tries to accelerate the tachometer jumps but speedometer doesn’t move. He’s right, his clutch is slipping. Pedal and engagement point both feel normal, so he may be getting oil on the clutch--as it warms up, it gets less viscous, and is leaking through a seal. He needs to yank the transmission to fix the broken seal.

Call 2

Alexandra Spaulding (, Iowa) - 1990 Honda Civic

Alexandra’s Honda has an intermittent starting problem. The engine turns over, but won’t catch. She’s checked the battery and starter motor.The problem started after she parked in the sun on a hot day. It’s her fuel pump relay--a common warm weather problem in these cars, should be easy to fix.

Call 3

Peggy Goldsberry (, New York) - 2003 Hyundai Elantra

Peggy tops off her gas tank when filling up. Her mechanic and son both say this is bad for the car. Is it? Yes, when you top off, gas can spill over into evaporator cannister. She should stop doing it.

Call 4

Jay LeBow (, California) - 1986 Honda Civic

Jay changed his spark plugs, rotor and cap--now his car is revving high, and his gas mileage has dropped by 30%. Did he screw something up? Also, he had the radiator and thermostat changed. Tom and Ray think Jay is innocent-- the guys who did other work didn’t bleed air out of the cooling system, so he’s got an air bubble, and the coolant temp sensor isn’t fully immersed, so the car is staying in “start-up” mode.

Call 5

Susan Grady (, Massachusetts) - 1999 Kia Sportage

Susan hers a ticking sound coming from the front of her engine when she first starts the car. Only happens when car is cold, and goes away after a few minutes. Tom and Ray thinks she’s got sticky or lazy hydraulic valve lifters--not serious, she can try adding Mystery Oil, or similar product to un-stick them.

Call 6

Nissan Wasfie (Chicago, Illinois) - 2003 Honda Element

Nissan’s girlfriend is used to driving standard, but this car is an automatic. When she parks, she turns the car off and then shifts the car into Park. Nissan thinks this is damaging the transmission. Is he right? No, he’s wrong--what she’s doing isn’t doing any harm, and this method is even recommended for people who park on hills.

Call 7

Ivan (, Colorado) - 1989 Isuzu Trooper

Ivan has a strange tire saga. He bought the car with 4 balding tires, and replaced them several months later with Pirelli. Since then, he’s had a series of flats, circular abrasions on the inside of the tires. The tire guys say he’s running over something. Tom and Ray think tire guys gave him wrong size, and that the tires are too big and are coming into contact with something on the car. Get tire guys to give him 4 new, right-sized tires.

Call 8

Liz Demattia (, Massachusetts)

Liz’s mother was a terrible backseat driver, and Liz seems to have picked up the habit, too. But her husband is terrible at following directions. How can they get where they’re going without her nagging? She needs to buy him a GPS for Christmas--it will do the nagging for her.