Show Rundown

#1147: I Love You, So Please Shut Up

Original Air Date: 11.19.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share an item from The Department of Painful Headlines.

Call 1

Patrice Roherty (Miami, Florida) - 1975 Volkswagen Van

Patrice’s Bus won’t start--turns the key, and she just hears some ticking. Tried jumping battery, and pouring Coke on the battery. Tom thinks it may be a dead battery, Ray thinks it's more likely a dead starter motor, or could even be a seized engine.

Call 2

Reverend Dave Hackley (, New Jersey) - 1998 BMW 528

Dave can’t get his key out of the ignition. The car turns on and off, he’s tried pressing brake pedal, turning wheel, but key won’t out--this also prevents him from locking the car. Tom and Ray say the problem is likely in the shifter--cable or solenoid not working. Unfortunately, he’ll have to take it to the dealer.

Call 3

Monique (, Maine) - 1989 Mazda Miata MX-5

Monique’s sister owns this car--10 years ago, it wouldn’t start because of a dead battery, and it’s been sitting in a garage ever since. Her sister hasn’t moved it, Monique thinks it should be dumped, but her kids want to get it towed to Maine, so they can fix it and use it. Tom and Ray side with the kids--Ray thinks working on the car could be a good summer project. Tom suggests they get some adult supervision.

Call 4

Robert Evans (, Pennsylvania) - 1993 Jeep Cherokee

When the car idles, Robert hears a rhythmic ticking sound, seems to be coming from the engine. He can usually drown it out with the radio. This is a long-standing problem with this engine. He could have low oil pressure, so get that checked. Could also be lifters. If his oil pressure is okay, he can probably ignore the noise.

Call 5

Sonia and Barry Krinke (, Minnesota)

Sonia’s husband refuses to let her talk to him while driving--he says it’s a distraction, as bad as talking on a cellphone. Tom and Ray explain why it’s not as bad. The person he’s talking too can see what’s going on. But, they talk to Barry- who says he’s always felt this way-- and strike a compromise: Sonia can use her cellphone and talk to someone else, while he’s driving.

Call 6

Lana Wiester (, Maryland) - 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190

When Lana’s car idles for an extended period, the heater starts blowing cold air. Heat usually comes back once she starts moving, and is back by the time she’s going 20 mph. She could just be low on coolant, or need air bled from the radiator. Worst case scenario? She needs a new water pump.

Call 7

Aron Kahn (St Paul, Minnesota) - 1993 Nissan Maxima

Aron’s car was making a “whoo” noise, like Larry from the "Three Stooges," snoring. Tom and Ray said it was a failing power steering pump. Aron got 4 new tires and the noise went away--the tire guy said something in the brake housing may have caused the noise, and gotten fixed during the tire job. Wrong answer, but Tom and Ray think that’s bogus, and noise will come back--and to stick with original answer.

Call 8

Anita (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) - 1994 Toyota Camry

Anita gets nauseous when her sister is driving. at first, Anita thought it was just the car, but it’s happening in her new BMW, now thinks it’s her sister’s driving style--she accelerates and brakes constantly. Is this bad for the car, as well as Anita? Yes, it’s bad for gas mileage. Anita should try to cure her sister of this habit, maybe by planting some fake vomit in the car.