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#1146: The Model A Prius

Original Air Date: 11.12.2011
Show Open Topic

Car slogans worse than "Yaris: It's a car!"

Call 1

Danielle Behlmer (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 2001 Honda Odyssey

She has a hard time moving the shifter from park into drive. It just won't budge. Sometimes it helps to turn the steering wheel, but not always. How can she fix this without having to take it to the shop? The solenoid is "lazy" on the brake pedal switch. Its likely others have this problem. Ask to see if there's a technical service bulletin.

Call 2

Brian Rubin (Los Angeles, California) - 2008 Honda Fit

A driving question. Brian's grandfather taught him that when he has to brake suddenly, he should shift the wheel left to right very quickly to gain traction. His friends and girlfriend think he's crazy. Is he? Tom and Ray think he is. It's crazy. Tom and Ray have never heard of it, and can't see any reason why it should be done.

Call 3

Dolores "Dodo" (Clam Lake, Wisconsin) - 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

When Dolores starts her car, she hears a screeching metal on metal sound--doesn't always happen. The sound is metal-on-metal--she has missing teeth on her starter flywheel. She needs to get it fixed, because eventually flywheeel will run out of good teeth, and car won't start.

Call 4

Diana Kaplan (San Francisco, California)

Diana is looking to buy a car. She'd like something safe with good gas mileage, that she can sleep in, and looks crappy-- she often drives to Mexico, and worries that a good looking car will get broken into. Tom and Ray recommend a 10 year old Honda Accord wagon--it won''t get as good mileage as smaller cars, but will be safer, more comfortable, and easier to sleep in.

Call 5

David (Portland, Oregon) - 1991 Subaru Legacy

Occassionally his brake pedal goes down a little farther than he thinks it should. It almost startles his leg reflex and he'll think for a minute that the brakes aren't there anymore. Also, when he reverses the rear right wheel makes a weird trumpet noise. Are these things connected? He probably needs a brake master cylinder, and he needs it soon, or it will start happening every time. The noise is probably a red herring.

Call 6

Dylan Webber (Salt Lake City, Utah) - 2002 Subaru Outback

When she fills up her car with gas, it has trouble accelerating-"like the little engine that could," regardless of what gear she's in. Her "Check Engine" light occasionally comes on. Tom and Ray think the problem isn't filling up, but the time the car is shut off--it's creating a "hot soak" condition under the hood, and a component acting up-- most likely, the coil, or a sensor. She should take the car to a mechanic and get it scanned.

Call 7

Nicole McKean (Center Line, Michigan) - 2009 Subaru Impreza

Nicole wants to take a road trip to Boston, but her Dad tells her it's not safe--despite the fact that he drove across country in a heap he bought of ebay. She's 24 years old--is dad being unreasonable? Yes, sort of--he's more worried about her traveling alone than about the car breaking down. If Nicole can get a friend to go with her, Dad will be okay with it.

Call 8

Patrick (Anchorage, Alaska) - Toyota Prius

Patrick owns a Prius, and loves the gas mileage, but not the looks. Is it possible to put a Prius engine in the body of an old Model A Ford? Tom and Ray think it probably won't work, but it'd be fun for Pat to try it.