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#1132: Heard It Through the Grape-Nuts

Original Air Date: 08.06.2011
Show Open Topic

Which professions have the most accidents? Tom and Ray share a few findings...

Call 1

Mickey Flannery (Forked River, New Jersey)

A noise question. His car makes a loud, 'chalk on blackboard' noise, only when the AC is on, and usually at the top of revs in any gear. Mickey's car is a stick shift. It could be his AC compressor clutch making noise, as the AC kicks in and out when car is under load. Or it could just be a belt.

Call 2

Lisa Santoro (Arlington, Massachusetts)

A road trip and marital question. Lisa wants to rent an RV for a roadtrip to Graceland with her husband and two kids. Husband says it's a bad idea--waste of gas, bad for the environment. Tom and Ray say he's right, but it's only one trip, so it shouldn't be a big deal. If he's adamant, it may be that he's not comfortable driving something that big, and they may do better with a conversion van.

Call 3

Jason Downs (San Francisco, California)

An engine question. Jason's head gasket blew. Should he, fix it, replace the engine, or dump the car? Car has about 150,000 miles on it. Tom and ray think it's probably time to dump the car, but if he really wants to keep it, put a whole new engine in.