Show Rundown

#1137: Jeep Tipping

Original Air Date: 09.10.2011
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share the "Brownie-to-Mechanic Capitalistic Economic Analysis Enticement Theory."

Call 1

Lynn Thomas (Golden, Colorado)

An ignition question. Sometimes when Lynn takes the key out of the ignition, it feels hotter than it should. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough that she's concerned. Tom and Ray say it's likely something in the ignition switch causing an arc--Lynn should take it to her Subaru dealer to get it checked, see if this happens in other Forresters.

Call 2

Russell Thompson (Asheville, North Carolina)

A question about AC noise. When Russell turns on the air conditioning, he hears a noise from under the hood that sounds like an oboist playing 'Rhapsody in Blue'. Noise goes away after a bit. The guys think it's his AC compressor clutch, needs to be replaced.

Call 3

Mary Redfield (Framingham, Massachusetts)

A driving and relationship question. Mary's husband insists on driving very slowly up hills--he says it preserves the car by putting less strain on the motor. But, Mary's getting an ulcer from it, and it tempted to just get out and push the car herself to go faster. Is this really good for the car? No, it's not benefiting the car, and is fairly wacko. He doesn't want to race up hills, but he can go at a normal speed and the car will be fine.

Call 4

Ted Kurt (Maumee, Ohio)

Ted's speedometer isn't working. He's concerend about lifting the car, and doesn't want to crawl underneath, so he's considering tipping it 90 degrees on its side to work on it. Is this safe? Tom and Ray think he's crazy--it's not safe, and if the problem is a bad speedo head, it won't help him fix it. They suggest he invest in jack stands, and lift the Jeep properly, but acknowledge he'll probably ignore them and tip it.

Call 5

Tamara Codor (Seattle, Washington)

A mechanic offered to fix the dents on her car, but put Betty Boop and Tinkerbell stickers on the dents he couldn't fix. She complained, so he agreed to repaint the car, but he had an accident and couldn't complete the work. Now, Tamara's wondering is he should leave the stickers as a tribute, and it's wrong to take the car somehwere else. Tom and Ray say she can get the car re-painted at Maaco, or any place else. It's a nice gesture, but mechanic didn't get hurt working on her car, and she paid for the paint.

Call 6

Steve (Denver, Colorado)

A transmission question. Two years ago, his transmission started slipping from third gear to neutral. It started happening more often and, in anger, 6 months ago he floored the accelerator. Ever since, the transmission has been fine. His mechanic said, 'Sometimes they just need a kick in the pants.'. Tom and Ray thinks there was some dirt or a stuck solenoid, and it got blown out when he hit the accelerator. It would still be a good diea to change the transmission fluid and filter.

Call 7

Amber Serrone (, Ohio)

A power steering question. Amber's car is leaking a lot of power sterring fluid, especially in summer. Mechanic told her she needs a new rack and pinion, but she's a college student and broke. Is she doing more damage by driving it and re-filling fluid? She's not doing more damage--she's only damaging the rack, which is already cooked. But, if she runs out of fluid, it could be bad. So, she can always travel with fluid on hand, but it might be good to just get it fixed. Maybe ask her parents for a loan.

Call 8

George (, Washington)

The car is a pain in the butt, an d George is ready to get rid of it. Will he get more selling it whole, or in parts? The guys suggest he check Craig's list and Hemmings to see what parts are going for. The car intact is worth about $5,000.

Call 9

Manette Anderson (Glenwood Springs, Colorado)

Manette discovered a large (4') piece of bird poop on her windshield, and underneath it, the windshield was cracked. She can't figure out what kind of bird could have dropped something so big, with enough force to crack the windshield. Tom and Ray don't really have an answer--not experts on the termincal velocity of bird poop. Say they'll consult Wolfgang, and get possible explanations from other listeners.