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#1142: Do Cars Have Souls?

Original Air Date: 10.15.2011
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Hear what happens when a ferret runs up your leg. On live TV.

Call 1

Mary Pinkowish (, New York)

A steering noise question. When Mary turns the steering wheel, she hears a 'quacking' noise coming from the steering column. Also does it if the car isn't moving, and only in colder weather. It's likely just the plastic covering shrinking and getting impinged. She can try spraying some graphite, but it's nothing to worry about.

Call 2

Sheila (St Louis, Missouri)

A license plate question. Sheila's front license plate was stolen recently, and the license plate holder is about to fall off. What can she do to secure the new plate so it doesn't get stolen again, or fall off? She can get a new plate holder at the Honda dealer, and try Lok-Tite on the bolts. Or, she can try self-locking nuts. Ray also suggests getting the same bolts used on Men's room stall doors.

Call 3

Andy Dutton (, Oregon)

A cooling system question. Andy and his girlfriend were driving in Moab when the car overheated. Radiator was low, and they had no water, so she insisted he urinate in the radiator. He's worreid this has had a corrosive effect on the radiator, and hasn't driven much sicne then. Tom and Ray it's probably okay--he added only a pint to a system that holds several quarts, and what he added was mostly water. But, they'll check with Jim Davis and post on site.

Call 4

Helena White (, Wisconsin)

A transmission question about a 1966 AMC Rambler. Her husband fell in love with this car, and bought it, despite the fact that it only goes into Reverse. Previous owner said there's a spare transmission in the trunk. Can Helena and husband do the job themselves? It could be tricky, because this car has a 'torque tube' instead of a normal driveshaft, requires extra work, that may be more than they can handle. Read the instruction carefully and then decide if they're up for it.

Call 5

Jeff Mount (Davis, California)

A philosophical question. Jeff thinks his engine needs to be re-built or replaced, but is worried thatt his will change the car's personality. Do cars have souls, and if so, where is the soul? Tom agrees it could change the car. Ray thinks Jeff may just need a ring job. Tom and Ray disagee over where soul might be. Ray says engine, tom says could be elsewhere.

Call 6

Diane Young (Memphis, Tennessee)

A question about handling. Diane just got this car from her Mother-in-Law. When she drives on a highway above 65 mph, it feels like the rear end is fish-tailing, from left to right, back and forth. Mechanics test drove it, but didn't feel it. Tom thinks it may be a tire problem or alignment. Ray thinks it's the alignment, and says mechanics should put it on an alingment machine.

Call 7

Jim Bagley (, Massachusetts)

A heating question. Jim blew his heater core in the Spring, getting quotes of 500-1000 dollars to fix. Is there a cheaper solution, like a space heater? No, he pretty much needs to fix it, and is probably going to need a head gasket too. He can get the book and try doing it himself.