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#1143: The Camry Collage

Original Air Date: 10.22.2011
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Are you ready for "Daily Savings Time?" A listener shares his brilliant concept.

Call 1

Katie Stevens (, District Of Columbia) - 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

A question about brakes. Katie's parking brake failed--she left car in neutral, with parking brake on, and came back to find it had been towed because it started rollng. Does she need to fix it? Yes, she does--it's not safe. She may just need new pads or calipers on the rear brakes, or an adjustment. And, she should never leave car in neutral. Always leave it in reverse.

Call 2

Mike Innescenze (, Illinois) - 1993 Ford Probe

A noise and steering question. Mike hears a 'whup whup whup' noise, gets faster as car goes faster, changes on right turns. Seems to be coming from left front wheel area. Mechanic replaced half-shafts, didn't help. Tom and Ray think he's got a bad tire--may be tread separation. Try two new tires, noise should go away. Could also be wheel bearing.

Call 3

Tac Tacelosky (Liberty, Missouri) - 1988 Toyota Camry

A question about whether she should dump or keep a relic. The Camry was Tac's Dad's car. They've kept it in the family as a memento, but it's time to give it away. What can they do to send it off, since her family is spread out across the country? They can remove pieces of the car--like bits of headliner, etc---and everyone can get something. She can make collages, etc!

Call 4

Jim Davis (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Jim calls from the Chemistry lab to follow-up on last week's urine in the radiator call. He says urine can do damage because of salt content--it's corrosive. He says it's okay as an emergency move, but radiator should be flushed immediately. Also, better to go in a can or bottle and pour in, rather than go directly--could miss and hit battery and get a nasty shock.

Call 5

Anne (Kansas City, Missouri) - MG

A buying question. Anne is longing for a vintage MG convertible, but her husband says it would be a maintenance nightmare--would need to come with an English mechanic in the trunk. Her husband wants her to get a Miata, but she loves the MG. Is the MG that much worse than a Miata? Ray says it is--it's much less safe and less reliable. Tom thinks the MG is a great idea and she should go for it.

Call 6

Christina (, Arizona) - 1989 Chevrolet S-10

A noise question. When Chris accelerates normally, she hears a 'popping' sound, like backfiring, and engine seems to miss. Problems goes away if she stomps on the accelerator.The problem is in 2-barrel carburetor. One barrel's clogged, or somehow not putting out enough gas. Try carb cleaner, or gas additives.

Call 7

Chris Miller (, Vermont) - 1965 Volkswagen Beetle

An electrical/fire question. The Men of Maple Corner use this as their parade vehicle, but if they put 6 guys in the back seat, it compresses, and catches fire. Problem is the spring shorting out by touching battery terminal--they can take a rubber floor-mat, and put that under the seat.

Call 8

Mary Weirich (Culver, Indiana) - 2005 Saturn Ion

A question about smells. Mary and her husband are arguing over the best way to get rid of an odor that comes from outside the car--like, when you pass a skunk. He opens all the windows as soon as he smells it--says that makes it dissipate more quickly. Mary thinks he's nuts. Tom and Ray say there may be 'chimney effect' that supports husband's theory, or he's trying to camouflage the smells he's generating in the car.