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#1144: A Road Trip from Hell

Original Air Date: 10.29.2011
Show Open Topic

One listener's suggestion for a small, long-overdue change to the "Check Engine" light.

Call 1

Alison Cawley (Dayton, Ohio) - 1997 Toyota Avalon

A body question. Her back passenger door won't open.

Call 2

Jose (Chicago, Illinois) - 1994 Subaru Legacy

An engine question. Can he replace the valve cover gasket himself?

Call 3

Jackie Griggs (Portland, Oregon) - Ford Aerostar

Can a car's bra go through the car wash?

Call 4

Tammie (Bakersfield, California) - 1992 Buick Roadmaster

An electrical question. Her car growls when she walks by.

Call 5

Todd (Boulder, Colorado)

A transmission question. It went out while he was picking up a big load of wood. He had to drive four miles in reverse to get home.

Call 6

Peter (, Minnesota) - 1998 Acura TL

A question about animals. He has a hamster stuck behind the instrument cluster. How can he lure it out?

Call 7

Charity Haskin (, Maine) - 1996 Subaru Legacy

A return for Stump the Chumps. Her clutch RPMs were going up when she gave the car gas. She was traveling across the country with her mom and fiancé. Was it the clutch? (And are they still together?)