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Metuchen Transmission Incorporated

Edison NJ, 08817

Always honest, and trying to save the customer money! I took my Jeep Wrangler there one time, thinking that I had a transmission problem, and it turned out to be a bad universal joint on the front... read more

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Atlantic Motor Cars Service

Plainfield NH, 03781

BUYERS BEWARE: I bought and Audi S4 from here and the first time I turned on the A/C is blew hot hair. Turns out it was a broken AC compressor. Ralph was very defensive and refuse to admit it was... read more

Jim Ertel's Garage

Nassau NY, 12123

I have been going to Jim for more than a decade and he is the best. Thorough, knowledgeable, reasonably priced and funny. He has cool dogs, too! Jim is a longstanding part of the local community... read more

Jim Ertel's Garage

Nassau NY, 12123

I have been bringing my cars to Jim for well over 20 years. There has yet to be a problem he couldn't fix. The work is always done well, quickly, and with a big dose of Jim's friendliness and caring... read more


Strasburg PA, 17579

Dwayne and assistant Norm are extremely competent.The labor as of 3/17 is $72/hr.All they work on is VW (from 1990 on,no VR6 engines) and know them inside and out.The shop is a little out of the way... read more

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