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Bob's Service Station

Hastings-on-Hudson NY, 10706

I hope this guy is a better mechanic than a business man. He seems to be a bit of a chauvinist since he wouldnt shake my wife's hand, but had no problem shaking the hands of the two guys who came in... read more

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Gt Performance

Vinton VA, 24179

been everywhere with in 25 miles I'll never go anywhere else but here

Gt Performance

Vinton VA, 24179

used them for years if you get the chance go here first , you will go back

Ray's Automotive Center

Columbus IN, 47203

My 2008 Buick developed an oil leak which grew rapidly worse over a couple days. This car had never been serviced by anyone other than the dealer from whom I bought it new, but that dealer is about... read more

Automobile Diagnostics

Columbus IN, 47201

Several years ago I took my Ford Explorer to these guys for tune-up, replace spark plugs and plug wires. Among other charges, there was $96 to r... read more

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