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Kevin Smittle

Mountain View CA, 94043

My family and friends have been using Kevin for over 20 years. He is reliable, does a great job, stands behind all work and pricing is fair and honest.

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Battleground Automotive & BP

Greensboro NC, 27408-4024

Awesome service, owner gives great prices

Lex's Automotive

Palmetto FL, 34221

I was recommended to the business but also saw their advertisements. I was treated like a family member. They went above and beyond to help me. Breaking down is an awful situation. I extremely... read more

Carter's Auto Service

Gorham ME, 04038


Off The Wall Auto

Slatington PA, 18080

After reading online so many bad stories about the Ford Powerstroke Diesel engine that is in my 2006 Ford F350, I was concerned how long until my luck ran out. After an initial visit to his shop I... read more

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