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Steve's Imports

Portland OR, 97266

This shop is awesome and very good with diagnosing hard problems on import cars.

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Steve's Imports

Portland OR, 97266

Excellent shop very thorough and performs honest work. Friendly place to hang out and chat

Steve's Imports

Portland OR, 97266

Awesome service and very knowledgeable crew. These guys don't mess around

Como Imports

Minneapolis MN, 55414

Como Imports is no longer open. The building is demolished and a three story apartment building is being built on the site. I live 3 blocks away.

Jamesport Auto Service

Jamesport NY, 11901

These folks have been around for 30 + years and I know the reason for that is the owner Jeff. Honest and straight forward with his customers and one heck of a nice guy! Always professional, and the... read more

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