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Kruse Automotive Service

Fort Wayne IN, 46818

*Warning This Guy Is A CROOK!* We took our truck in because water got into our gas tank. He drained the water and cleaned the fuel injectors (without informing us or getting the go ahead from us)... read more

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J & M Imports Limited

Plymouth NH, 03223

Outstanding shop! New to town a year ago (2016) and asked a friend for a recommendation... without hesitation, M... read more

Mike's Foreign Car Repair & Service

Kendall Park NJ, 08824

Mike Is Undependable, Unresponsive, And Does NOT Stand Behind His Work... After being a steady customer of Mike’s Foreign Car Repair in Kendal Park, NJ from April 2012 through March of 2016, I... read more

A - 1 Automotive

Beaver Falls PA, 15010

These guys have "saved" me several times over the past 24 years. Although I currently have two 4-Runners which they maintain beautifully, I have had Ford vans, Olds Cutlasses, a Grand Cherokee,... read more

Kevin Smittle

Mountain View CA, 94043

My family and friends have been using Kevin for over 20 years. He is reliable, does a great job, stands behind all work and pricing is fair and honest.

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