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  • Everybody with car trouble hopes to find a car shop they can trust. I’m 52 years (young) and since my early twenties, I had always been told “the LAST place to take your car for service is the ‘Dealer.’” (Indeed, we’ve all been raped at one time or another by Service Centers at car dealerships). I’ve always shopped around for the best ‘neighborhood’ mechanic because their labor is usually HALF of what a dealer will charge and they NEVER treat you like you’re ‘just another number.’ But my confidence in Dealership Service Centers was COMPLETELY restored when I stumbled into AutoNation Volkswagen in Plano and met Pete Nicholson and the service manager – Steve Mulholland. I have since been back three times over the years to service my 2006 Jetta and time and time again these guys continue to blow me away. Not only is their customer service over-the-top, our family mechanic of 10 years couldn’t even match their prices… ok, ONCE when I needed repairs they were $45 dollars higher than our family mechanic, but our mechanic said in order to beat AutoNation’s bid, he would have to use “aftermarket parts.” I love Eddie, and my family still uses him for their Hondas and Toyotas, but I figured if the DEALER is only $45-$50 more and I’m getting Volkswagen parts installed by Volkswagen certified mechanics – it was worth the difference. It’s important to remember you're not just paying for the cost of the parts and the time it takes to install them, you're also paying for the technical expertise of the technician. The last time I went to AutoNation was 3 weeks ago because my air-conditioner quit working. I thought it was the compressor or blower fan, but it was far worse. I needed new belts; new hoses, a new Air-conditioning control switch and the mount that held the radiator had broken lose. I checked around, and the best price I could find was nearly $1,600 – my family just didn’t have it. Pete and Steve knew my family and I were financially challenged that particular month, but refused to let me drive around in the Texas Heat without air-conditioning. The shop was slammed at the time and they needed to run a full diagnostic on my vehicle and told me they would need me to leave the car for several days. Even though they had an Enterprise Rent-a-Car next door, they gave us a brand new Demo to drive for the 10 plus days they had it in the shop – which save my family hundreds of dollars in rent-a-car charges. But the icing on the cake, was they were able to do the repairs for just under $1,100!! If you have a Volkswagen, take it to AutoNation and ask for Pete Nicholson, then go inside the Service Center lobby and shake hands with the Service Manager, Steve Mulholland. His door is ALWAYS open and they are the nicest and most professional ‘neighborhood’ mechanics you’’ ever meet – who just so happen to work in a Dealership. My name is Bart Hermer and I am an AutoNation Customer for life.

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