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  • Hwy 34 towing and repair

  • 3.5 out of 5 stars 2 Reviews
  • 34100 Oakville Road, Albany, OR 97321, us
  • Honest Albany/Corvallis, Oregon Mechanic-I think I found the Holy honest auto mechanic! Last week I had to have my GMC pick-up towed in from the boonies because my automatic transmission had morphed into a Park, Reverse, Neutral only machine (you should havs seen me driving down Hwy 34 backwards for 1/2 mile to get to a phone....reminded me of the movie Smoke Signals.) Anyhow, I chose this tow company because they had a 1-800 number (my cell phone didn't work out in the boonies so I had to borrow someone's land line). They showed up in a timely fashion and got to towing me. I was going to tow the truck to my dad's place so I could do some internet research to determine the nature of the problem but I won't lie, I was thinking the whole time that my transmission was needing replacing. On a whim I asked the tow truck driver if his shop could rebuild transmissions and he said yes and that since they are also a junk yard they might even have a used tranny for my truck. So I decided to drop the truck off at their shop (which saved me $80 on the tow charge) and let them diagnose my problem. Dave the tow truck driver then proceeded to drive me the 20 miles to my dads house as the shop is in the country and it was already after dark. The next morning I get a call with good news. The problem is a gear selector cable and the transmission is working again. The cost: $120 for the part, $120 for labor ($60/hour labor vs over $100 at the dealership). These guys could have told me I needed a tranny rebuild and could have even sold me the used tranny they had that fit my truck......but they didn't. They told me the truth and $1,600 for a new tranny turned into a couple of hundred bucks and I'm back on the road. They even reduced the bill for the tow from the standard charge. I would reccommend these guys to anyone! If you live in Corvallis or Albany. Oregon and have an old, high mileage car and it needs a problem diagnosis take it to Hwy 34 Towing and Repair. They have a junk yard on site so if worse comes to worse and the repair is going to cost more than the car is worth see if they will pay you a few bucks to add it to their junk yard collection. A totally full service shop from cradle (nearly) to grave! Did I mention that they seem to be really honest? The phone number is 1800 422 7081. If you read this Dave or Dan, thanks for the honesty. I owe you some brownies.

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They are always honest (3.50)Wrenchs
They are competent (4.00)Wrenchs
Their repair price is reasonable (4.00)Wrenchs
They complete the work in a timely manner (3.00)Wrenchs
They respond well when they screw something up (3.00)Wrenchs
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs (3.50)Wrenchs
They treat male and female customers in the same manner (3.00)Wrenchs
I would use this mechanic again (3.00)Wrenchs
I would recommend this mechanic to others (3.00)Wrenchs

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They fix the problem the first time (4.00)Wrenchs
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood (3.50)Wrenchs
The hours of operation are convenient for customers (3.00)Wrenchs
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed) (2.50)Wrenchs
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