Zen and the Art of Telling Time.

The Puzzler

RAY: This puzzler was sent in by a fellow named Roger from Sunnyvale, California.

My friend Russell is about as laid back as you can get. He doesn't own a watch or a cell phone. He even unplugged the clock in his car.

Recently, he visited this brand-new, mega-bookstore near his house. First, he checked out the cafe where he bought himself a cappuccino, decaf of course. Then he drifted over to the periodicals area where he perused his favorite golf publication, 'Putz' magazine. And then, as you might expect, he found the yoga and meditation books and after considerable browsing he finally made a purchase and left.

As soon as he got his car on the highway he remembered that his sister had invited him over for dinner. Now, Russell's sister is one uptight pain-in-the-butt clock watcher, and if he showed up late for dinner, she'd kill him. He began to sweat. 'What if I spent too much time in the bookstore?' he worried.

In a panic, poor Russell reached for the book that he had just bought, 'Zen and the Art of the Leveraged Buyout.' Within moments, his fear had abated. He wouldn't be late after all. What was in that book that set his mind at ease?

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