You Know You've Arrived, When...

mail bag, puzzles
Tom and Ray have been on The Tonight Show. They've done Letterman. They've won the (once prestigious, until they got it) Peabody Award. But now, at long last, we've really hit the big time! From listener William DeBuvitz:

CarTalk is in a NY TIMES crossword puzzle. The 5/11/10 NY TIMES crossword has for 29 Down:

"Car Talk" dubbed it, "The Worst Car of the Millenium".

Unfortunately, it was the only word I knew for the crossword puzzle. I guess I spend too much time listening to Car Talk instead of reading.

What's the car? Hint: "I'll stay here with the car. You go get help."

Still wondering: Here you go.
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mail bag, puzzles

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