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Worst Car Colors: The Polls Are Open

Here at Car Talk Plaza, we're experiencing a new and uncomfortable sensation--we're envious of Tom and Ray!

Why? Well, our pals at just sent us this lis t of car colors they hate... and they picked some doozies! Only our hosts escaped unscathed... how did they do it? They both had the good sense to be born color blind.

Smart move guys!

Victims of color blindness blissfully unaware of their shirts. (Car Talk Photo)"If I bought a car that color, it'd be a sure sign that I'd just given up. On everything."... And,  "It's the same color as those bizarre fleshy blind fish that live in sunless underground cave pools." 

Ouch! That's what our pals at had to say about "Camel Pearl" and "Caribbean Pearl" respectivley... Note to auto-paint designers, putting "pearl" in the name of the color doesn't actually make it look better. You can see the colors and read the rest of their scathingly hilarious reviews right here.

Since Tom and Ray are of no help in deciding this question, we have to put it to you, our long suffering fans, for a vote. (If you need a visual reminder of these colors, click here... but don't say we didn't warn you!)

What do you think? Did we miss a color you loathe? Or do you want to write an impassioned defense of Fire-Safety Orange? Tell us what you think in the comments!
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