Women Drivers, Always . . . Swearing?

Check this out!

We just got our mitts on this brand new survey that asked men and women what driving behaviors they’re guilty of. We can’t put it down. The results are $#%^&* shocking!

So, who’s swearing at other drivers, and in front of the kids no less? Women! 

You've never done this, have you, sainted readers? The findings caused a bit of-- how do we put this diplomatically?-- civil unrest at Car Talk Plaza.  Those of you outside Harvard Square in Our Fair City might have heard a bit of cursing. Blame Tommy. Connie. Ray. Catherine. Dougie.

So, we’re putting it to you. Help us settle down. Is this study spot on… or is it way the #%$^ … way off base?

Tell us now!

There are more scintillating findings in this study, too! Test your road-rage gender smarts. Are men or women more likely to:

Steal parking spaces? 
Brake-check tailgaters?
Speed up to keep people from passing? 

Find out, right here
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