Will installing a C.B. mess with my car's computer system?

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1989 Buick Park Avenue. I wish to install a C.B., but have heard that it could mess up the computer system. My dealer says to ask the installer, but I need a second opinion. What do you say?

TOM: Unless you have it installed at Vinnie Gumbazz' Car Stereo and Charm School, it should be fine. In fact, automotive computer systems are well shielded against radio frequency (RF) interference. There's a jacket around the computer to protect it not only from your C.B., but the C.B. in the car next to you--not to mention the microwave transmitter from the local air force base or the one in your neighbor's kitchen.

RAY: Hank, why are you messing around with C.B.s? Move into the '90s, man. Install a C.D! You'll have a lot more fun listening to the latest Sleepy LaBeef release than those crackling conversations about seat covers.
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