Who's on First?

The Puzzler

RAY: Here's the answer. To get on first base you can get hit by the ball. You can walk. The catcher could drop the third strike so you could run to first base.

TOM: That makes three possible ways to get to first. I'm stumped.

RAY: The catcher can also interfere. For example if you swing and miss the ball but in doing so the catcher's glove is in the way and your bat hits his glove. That's catcher interference and you're awarded first base in that situation.

And the last way is the manager puts you in as a pinch runner.

TOM: Ohh.

RAY: I said player not batter. So Pepitone could reach first base if the manager put him in to pinch run.

TOM: See now that's the one that nobody would guess. Very well done!

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