For Whom The Dart Tows

The Puzzler

RAY: Many years ago, I received a late night phone call from my brother: I knew it was one of two things - either his wife threw him out and he needed a place to sleep, or his car had broken down.

TOM: Or both!

RAY: Right. This time, though, it's his car. He says, "I need help. Do you have a rope to tow with?"

I say, "Yeah. Sure. I'll be right there." So, I watch Ted Koppel and the "Tonight Show," I take a shower and I make a sandwich... and then I decide to head out and give him a hand.

I arrive with my car; tow rope in hand. He's asleep in the car, snuggled up with one of his favorite raccoons. He wakes up, and tells me what's wrong.

I say, "I can't tow you, you knucklehead."

And Tommy says, "We only have a few blocks to go. I'll tow you."

I say, "Huh?" But he's right.

The question is, what's wrong with his car? Now, don't forget: Tommy's the one that broke down and he's going to tow me back.

TOM: How could this be?

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