"Doesn't Anyone Screen These Calls?!"

This is the plaintive cry we hear from Tom and Ray whenever Car Talk Producer Doug Berman throws an outlandish call their way. It's also the title of our latest CD, a collection of calls we just "unleashed," where Tom and Ray try to answer questions about cars and animals.

This brand-new CD rounds up some of our all-time favorite calls regarding animals and cars - like Sidney the python, whose lunch disappeared in the air vents (and then died there!); Richard and his small goat "problem," (perhaps the reason, "why Doris doesn't visit any more"?); a horse with a culinary predilection for, yes, steering wheels; and the dog who likes to ride on top of the truck cab. (We have photos!)

In celebration of our animalistic tendencies here at Car Talk Plaza, we're also planning to petition Arbitron - the company that measures radio listening--to include pets in its ratings. We have reason to believe, based on your mail to us, that Car Talk may be #1 in non-human radio listening.

Want to add your name to our petition? Just email us and tell us why you think your pet should count in Car Talk's rating. Better yet, help us provide proof that pets listen to Car Talk (even if under duress). Email us a photo of your pet who listens to Car Talk, along with a caption of your choosing, and we'll post right here for our other listeners to see. Then we'll send the whole thing to the powers that be at Arbitron and demand that all of these listeners be counted!


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Woof,

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers

P.S. We've also included the "Andy Letter" on our new CD - quite possibly the greatest letter ever received at Car Talk, along with the phone call that precipitated it - a call about electric brakes on a cattle trailer.


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