Which state am I?

The Puzzler

RAY: This new puzzler is historic, folkloric, and geographic. It was sent in to us from Phil Jackness. I'll read what he wrote:

"The other day I was reading a map of a certain state that I was planning to visit. The map was prepared by the state's Department of Transportation, copyright 1989. I assumed that the information was official, if somewhat dated.

"On the back of the map was a description of several 'firsts," which took place in that state, two of which were automotive related. The one that caught my eye was, "First state that required driving on the right.."

"Which state is this?

"Need some hints? The other automotive first was, "first high-speed multi-lane highway." They also claim to be the birthplace of the Slinky, and the site of the first professional football game."

Now, I could go on and give other hints, like, "site of the first oil well."

That would be too big a hint, though, wouldn't it?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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