Where can I buy a compass for my car?

Dear Tom and Ray:

Where can I buy a good quality compass to mount on the dash of my 1989 Sedan DeVille?

RAY: For craft of this size, we recommend you go to your nearest marine supply house.

TOM: If you don't know where it is, start driving towards the water, and then stop and ask someone for directions. You'll see that asking for directions is not that hard or embarrassing--our wives do it for us all the time. After you've lived through the experience a few times, maybe you'll decide you don't need a big, ugly compass on your dashboard afterall.

RAY: If you're determined to get a compass, at least get the kind that's wrapped in hot pink fur with the picture of Garfield on the back.

RAY: Actually, when we make a silly suggestion like this, four or five hundred legitimate companies usually write to us and tell us that they make just the device you're looking for--and one of them makes the one with pink fur and Garfield. So when the catalogues start pouring into our Hate Mail Division, Charles, we'll pass them along to you.
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