When are you guys going to come out with a cookbook?

lame jokes
Dear Tom and Ray:

When are you guys going to come out with a cookbook? It's a natural.

RAY: We're working on it, John. We've got a number of recipes under development.

TOM: For instance, my brother is perfecting his "Rack and Pinion of Lamb" recipe. He's also working on his "Chile con Car"

RAY: I also have a lovely "Linguini with Fram Sauce," "Chicken with Rosemary and Timing," "Pork Shocks," and "Steamed Mussel Cars."

TOM: We have "Pasta Carbureta," "Blackened Red Starter" (cajun style), "Veal Scalopinging," and, for those special occasions, "Lobster Thermostat."

RAY: You want a side dish? How about "Scalloped Tires?" Or try our "Horn on the Cob," "Manifold Roasted Potatoes," or a helping of "Pasta with Prestone Sauce."

TOM: We have dessert, too. How about some "Strawberry Short Block?" An "Apple Won't Turnover" is nice. Or try our "Vroom Raisin Pudding."

RAY: Breakfast, you say? "Oil-pan Cakes?" Or some "Steering Links?"

TOM: If you've got other ideas for our cookbook, send them to us in care of this newspaper. Who knows, we may even get around to publishing it someday.
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lame jokes

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