What's Your Favorite Bumper Sticker?

Election season is in full swing! And, if you’re anything like us, you’re feeling buried up to your voting lever in political bumper stickers.

What to do? We’re holding an election of our own!

Who can enter? Anyone.

The winner will be... the funniest, non-political bumper sticker.

Beautiful monkey for President! (Flickr photo by DR000)Here’s how it works.

Nominate your all-time favorite bumper sticker. Share it right here, in the Car Talk Community.

Can you grab a photo of your favorite sticker? Even better! Share it with us on Facebook.

From now through next Wednesday, we'll be collecting all of your suggestions. With our pals at cars.com, we’ll narrow it down to our favorite top 10.

Then it’s time for you to head to the polls! Starting next Thursday, you can vote for your favorites on our Facebook page.

And voter fraud? We’re all for it! Vote often and vote early.

We’ll announce the winner a few days before that other election. And here’s a campaign promise from us to you: no recounts, no hanging chads and we’ll never appeal it to the Supreme Court. 
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