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What is a transmission tune-up?

Dear Tom and Ray:

I often see specials for "transmission tune-ups." What is a transmission tune-up, is it necessary, and what is a fair price,?

TOM: A transmission tune-up--also known as a trans?mission service--usually involves changing the transmission fluid, filter, and gasket, draining out all of the pieces of shrapnel that have been ground off the transmission over the years, and removing between $30 and $80 bucks from your wallet.

RAY: Actually, it may also involve adjusting the transmission bands if necessary. And it IS something you should do. We recommend it about every two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes later.

TOM: And what's a fair price? Well, if they let you drive out with your old transmission still in your car, I'd say that's pretty fair.

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