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$100 for a CV boot now, or $300 for a CV joint later.

CV joints
Dear Tom and Ray:

What kind of trouble will I have if I don't fix the CV boot on my Plymouth
Voyager? The outside boot has torn and left the joint exposed. I'm in a bit
of a financial fix right now, but I should have about $300 coming in in a
couple of months. Can I leave it for now? -- Bill

TOM: You're in great shape, Bill. In a couple of months, you'll have $300,
which is enough to replace the CV boot AND the CV joint. And that's
probably what you're going to have to do at that point.

RAY: Here's why. The boot costs about $100 to replace. But after you've
driven around with it torn open, and lots of dirt and grit have gotten in
there, the CV joint itself will be ruined -- or well on its way to being

RAY: It's kind of like a toothache, Bill. You can bite the bullet and get
the cavity filled right now. Or you can have a root canal at your

TOM: But what are you going to do? If you don't have the money, you don't
have the money. I think you're just going to have to wait it out and spend
the $300 later on.

RAY: Right. We'd send you to our cousin, Louie the Loanshark, to borrow 100
bucks. But that'll cost you $300 in a couple of months, too!
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CV joints

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