What Do These Famous Men Have in Common?

The Puzzler

RAY: All right. Well, here it is. What do the following men have in common? Ulysses S. Grant, Rudyard Kipling, Woodrow Wilson, Grover Cleveland, and Calvin Coolidge. Now we know they're all dead. And they do have certainly that in common. What do they have in common other than the fact that they are all famous and that they're all dead?

TOM: I don't know.

RAY: You dont know? Well, they are best known by their middle names.

TOM: What?

RAY: Yes.

TOM: Ulysses S.? Sam?

RAY: No, no.

TOM: Ulysses is not his first name?

RAY: His real name was Hiram Ulysses Grant. He added the "S" for Simpson later on in life.

TOM: Oh.

RAY: Joseph Rudyard Kipling, Thomas Woodrow Wilson -- you knew that because that was a trivia question that you may have used on the web site at one point or another. Stephen Grover Cleveland and John Calvin Coolidge.

TOM: Wow.

RAY: Pretty good huh!?

TOM: Yea. I'm gonna change my name. Oh, I already did.

RAY: Yes.

TOM: You're Dante. I'm Dante. You haven't been calling me Dante lately? What's up?

RAY: In-vion-skinny-apolis?

TOM: Indianapolis. No, that's not my name, that's my channel.

RAY: Oh, that's your channel.

TOM: Omionospiavidos.

RAY: Who have you been channeling with?

TOM: I've been channeling with Shirley MacLaine. I tried channel surfing, but she's the only one I could find.

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