What do the letters on the back of cars really mean?

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TOM: Several weeks ago, we asked for your help in understanding the letters that we see on the back of cars. It seems that manufacturers can put on any letters they want!

RAY: Right, there are DLs, GLs, GSs, GTs. And what about the ubiquitous letter X?

TOM: Well, here are some of the suggestions we received. One reader claims that these letters are put on by the OWNERS of the cars, rather than the manufacturers. DX applied by the owner, she says, means "Dealer eXaggerated." This is not as bad as DL, which means "Dealer Lied."

RAY: Then there's EX. When someone puts that on the back of their car, it means a former spouse is making the payments.

TOM: In the interests of science, you can send YOUR explanations to us in care of this newspaper.
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mail bag

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