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Vote! Best Bumper Sticker of All Time

"My candidate breast feeds baby seals!"

"Your candidate mugs octagenarians!"

If you're like us, you're a little tired of all the political bumper stickers out there.  What to do? We decided to hold a little election of our own -- for the best nonpolitical bumper sticker of all time. Last week, we made a call for nominations. You sent us thousands. Thanks!

Funny AND practical! (Flickr image/_rockinfree)With help from our pals at, we've narrowed it down to our Top 10. (Okay, Top 11. Counting's never been our strong suit.) 

Now it's time for your votes. Head over to our Facebook page and click "Like" on the stickers you like most in the Top 10 album. 

Stuff the ballot box! What do we care? (Flickr image/eagle.dawg)Vote early, and often!

We'll announce the results right before another certain election, right here on our lousy web site.

P.S. Want to see some pretty consarned good runners-up? Check out our "Honorable Mention" photo album, also on Facebook.
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