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Volvo S60 T5 AWD (2013)

  • Very sweet car. About the size of a 3-series BMW.
  • Has the typical Volvo attributes: feels very solid.
  • Handles well, but was a bit rough on bumpy roads, likely due to the low profile tires.
  • Comfortable for a long drive, plenty of room in the front and adequate room in the back.
  • Interior design is very clean, very Swedish, with just about the most comfortable seats you'll sit in -- car or not.
  • Comes with all the amenities -- almost. We noticed the absence of a rear camera and the blind spot detector, both of which we recommend.
  • It is noticeable but not showy. It's a bit under the radar -- you can have a really nice car, without being ostentatious.

  • Neither a rear camera nor blind spot detector are standard -- an omission for a safety-minded company like Volvo. The rear camera is available on the higher-end S60 T5 packages, and Volvos “BLISS” blind spot monitoring system is available as an option at any trim level. We’d recommend both.
  • Mileage is mediocre -- 23 MPG average (EPA: 20/29/23 city/highway/mixed) which is not particularly impressive these days.
  • After manufacturer's warranty of four years, expect to pay premium prices to maintain and repair the S60. Consider the extended warranty, if you intend to keep this car for a while.

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